Zim Crisis: President Chamisa Appeals To ANC
8 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| CCC leader, President Nelson Chamisa has accused the Zanu PF regime of abandoning the core values of the liberation struggle.

President Chamisa, quoted by a South African radio station, urged the ANC government to assist Zimbabweans in the neighbouring country.

Said President Chamisa :
“It’s not by choice that Zimbabweans have to be exposed to such indignity. We are not bad people as Zimbabweans. We are not criminals. It is because of political circumstances.

We are good neighbours, when we are in problems we should help each other. We are not trying to ask for something that is impossible.

Zimbabwean problems are going to be solved by Zimbabweans. We do not expect a Messiah from outside, anywhere to come and help us. There has been a very impossible situation where our neighbours have chosen to listen to Zanu PF’s voice more than the voice of the oppressed.

Zanu PF has become a crocodile liberator. They have abandoned all the ideals of the liberation struggle.

They are now oppressors. They have become a black apartheid against their people.”