CCC Brings Hope To Whange
9 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The office of Whange Central MP, Daniel Molokele, has successfully implemented a series of projects under the Constituency Development Fund( CDF) scheme.

The MP unrolled the installation of Jojo tanks at various schools in the constituency.

See statement below:

Office of the MP Successfully Implements the CDF Project for 2022

The Office of the MP for Whange Central Constituency has successfully implemented its low cost but high impact project under the 2022 parliamentary Constituency Development Fund (CDF)

The 2022 project focused on the installation of water retention tanks (Jojo Tanks) in various public schools at local communities levels.

At times, some schools have been forced to consider closing temporarily due to water supply related problems

Each of the 210 constituencies across the country was allocated 11.4 million RTGS for CDF for 2022.

In response, our local CDF Committee did an extensive consultation public process, in close partnership with all the local ward Councillors under our constituency.

After the consultation process was successfully completed, it was then unanimously agreed that the 2022 CDF disbursement be used to buy the water retention tanks in order to guarantee access to water supplies in our local public schools.

The Office of the MP is so happy to announce that there are 12 local communities institutions that have now managed to benefit from the 2022 CDF project.

In particular, eleven public schools across the urban parts of our constituency together with the St Patrick’s Hospital at Empumalanga benefited from this year’s project.

For avoidance of doubt the following schools now have water retention tanks fully installed under the 2022 CDF project:

  1. Sir Humphrey Gibbs Primary
  2. Makwika Primary
  3. Lusumbami Primary
  4. Mabhinga Primary
  5. St Ignatius Primary
  6. Lwendulu Primary
  7. Nechibondo Primary
  8. St Georges Primary
  9. Hwange High
  10. Wankie Secondary
  11. Kalope Secondary

Thulani Moyo
Office of the MP for Whange Central Constituency