Expert Documentary Proving Chamisa Is State President Banned By Govt Again | FULL PRINT
9 September 2022
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The below is the 2nd govt letter banning the documentary which proves CCC President Nelson Chamisa is the President Of Zimbabwe.

The President documentary cover – file

It states that the film by Director Camilla Nielson has the potential incite public violence as the countryis now preparing to go for elections in 2023.” DO YOU AGREE WITH GOVT?:

Reference is made to your follow-up correspondence referenced CM/ak/F55 dated 02 June 2022 on the above subject.
Please be kindly advised that your documentary film, “President” was not approved in terms of section 10(2)(b) of the Censorship and Entertainments Control Act, Chapter 10:04 which states that, the board shall not approve any film or film advertisement which in its opinion “is likely to be contrary to public order”.
Also take note that the “Notice for Rejection” was made to the whole documentary film. The film has the potential to incite violence as the country is now preparing to go for elections in 2023.