“We Do Not Mourn Queen Elizabeth”: LEAD
9 September 2022
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LEAD PRESS Statement on the death of Queen Elizabeth

9 September 2022

Last evening Queen Elizabeth the Second died. She was the ceremonial head of state of several countries that were colonized by the United Kingdom and presided over several atrocities against Africans for decades and looting of precious minerals in several countries.

As Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) we do not feel compelled to mourn her death. If she was sincere about humanity, she would never had accepted heads of spirit mediums from Zimbabwe as trophies nor to have them exhibited in a museum in UK.

As a Pan Afrikanist Party that is pushing for the unification of Africa, we see this as an opportune time to demand reparations for all that was looted from all African countries by the Windsor Royal Family and the repatriation of the heads of the Zimbabwean spirit mediums that continue to lie in UK museums.

As if that was not enough the same royal family sanctioned all the actions of Cecil John Rhodes who plundered Northern and Southern Rhodesia now known as Zambia and Zimbabwe respectively.

The late Queen Elizabeth benefitted from the sweat and blood of Africans, built a fortune from looted mineral resources from Africa. Presided over millions of atrocities and never apologized nor acknowledged the hand of the royal family in the destabilization of several countries around the globe. Ironically, many Africans who have their very own who were brutally murdered and impoverished by the late Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth’s death should be a damasene moment for several Africans who continously fight their own leaders trying to please imperialists.

We only have one continent that truly belongs to us as Africans and we need to protect it and save it from neocolonialism. Our self determination was distorted, our culture desecrated and our identity stolen. It is time to restore our identity as African people.

Rosline Ncube
LEAD Secretary for Information and Publicity