IT Expert Seeks To Empower Entrepreneurs
12 September 2022
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Business Correspondent

A Zimbabwean Information, Communication and Technology expert has launched a platform form set to empower people in business.

The platform is called ZimAdsense.

ZimAdse, a platform run by Zim Ads Network Zimbabwe, provides an opportunity for advertisers and publishers to grow their business concerns.

ZimAdse is reminiscent of the popular Google AdSense platform.

The founders of the initiative say the programme seeks to augment advertisers and publishers’ efforts.

“Zimadsense is a registered Zimbabwean Ads Network. Monetize your blog by showing ads.

Making money from your website or blog while in Zimbabwe is hard.

But now it is a thing of the past. You can make atleast $40 per day with Zimadsense by showing ads on your blog or website. Its easy to use and fast withdrawals
Join,” ZimAdse said in a statement.

For more information about ZimAdsense signup here :

Facebook: https//