Cecilia Chimbiri Message Of Gratitude To Citizens
14 September 2022
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By Cecilia Chimbiri

Thank you to our Beloved Parents who stand side by side physically & spiritually for our freedom in which we are victims & survivors .

What would we do without you ?, I count you twice when I count my blessings .

Thank you so much for the Solidarity Change Champions !!
Thank you to all the beautiful souls praying near and far for the end to our persecution .

Thank you to sisters brother & friends who take time off their busy schedules to send a message , voice note or call just to encourage.
Thank you to members of the fourth estate who want to see justice served & stand with the truth .

Thank you to beloved friends who don’t tire
Thank you to Joana Ruvimbo Mamombe & Netsai Marova we have each other for strength no-matter what .
Thank you so much I’m grateful .

We fight on until Victory , Until the truth , until Justice

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