Land Belongs To All- CCC
22 September 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

We continue to mobilize and organize rural communities to register as voters.

Our focus is mobilizing our people in the countryside and in the process make them understand that Zimbabwe needs change.

We have been asked that if we take over the reigns of leadership, will we take away land from our people.

Our answer is an emphatic and and eloquent NO!

We will never do that!

We will never take away land from our people, not even a square inch will be expropriated from the rural folk.

We must give our people in rural areas title to their ancestral land. Thus we propose to reform the Communal Lands Act in particular Section 4 and make sure that our people in communal areas have bankable title to their land.

The regime is parcelling out and displacing our people from their land. It is doing so in Chipinge, Dinde, Chilonga and in other parts of rural Zimbabwe. A CCC government will never displace any Zimbabwean from their land.

The CCC government intends to support farmers, employ new technologies and finance agriculture.

Our government will invest in communal land activities like agriculture and tourism so as to create a robust rural economy that is job absorbtive and economic growth driven.

The Land Belongs To The People