Female Prison Officer Madly In Love With Inmate
25 September 2022
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A PRISON officer’s marriage is now on the rocks after her illicit affair, with an inmate, was exposed.

Correctional Officer Miriam Muzuva’s marriage with Rojers Chiradza came under the spotlight at Kentucky Prison.

She was reported to have fallen in love with an inmate.

Their affair was said to have started when Miriam received money, and groceries, from the inmate’s sister, who is based in South Africa.

Miriam clashed with Rojers and was transferred from Kentucky Prison to Harare Central Prison over the matter.

Miriam’s mother, only identified as Mai Muzuva, told H-Metro the matter has since been resolved.

“The matter has since been resolved mwanangu,” said Mai Muzuva.

“Miriam has since returned to her husband.

“They are now living together,” she said.

Impeccable sources told H-Metro Miriam returned to her husband following reports that another woman was likely to replace her.

Rojers denied the allegations.

“I do not know anything in connection with that issue, sorry,” he said, before hanging up the phone.

Miriam refused to entertain H-Metro.

Rojers and Miriam are legally married and have been blessed with three kids.- H-Metro