Chamisa Activists Arrested Over 2020 Harvest House Violence
28 September 2022
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By-The National Prosecution Authority has summoned twelve (12) CCC members have been summoned to appear in court on Thursday over violence that happened in 2020 at the Harvest House.

The violence erupted as the then Nelson Chamisa MDC-Alliance was fighting with the MDC-T led by Thokozani Khupe to control the Harvest House.

The accused reportedly destroyed windows and cut padlocks with bolt cutters at Harvest House. The activists are:

Victor Machavhaira (39), 

Shame Chidzonga (36), 

Mafaiti Mubaiwa (34), 

Angirai Mowotidhi (44), 

Paul Gorekore (39), 

Peter Shonhiwa (37), 

Godfrey Katsaya (26),

Lloyd Zhou (38), 

Richard Dube (23), 

Onisimo Chaitezvi (32), 

Sign Chanachimweza (31) and 

Washington Dzungwa (39) 

The 13th member, Forward Sezali, who was then aged 40 at his arrest, has since passed on.

The activists will appear at the Harare Magistrates Courts.