Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Video Hopewell Chin’ono Doesn’t Want You To See Over 2023 Election Rigging
30 September 2022
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By Simba Chikanza | Hopewell Chin’ono exposes a lot of corruption, but how much beyond what earns him an award and retains him the title ‘Daddy of Hope’ : [in Shona, ‘Mudhara Vachauya’?] How much does he give people beyond what is convenient for his personal show-off or iron-fish-hook?

What are his blind spots? While there are undenied reports of money laundering and cheque fraud in the UK committed under different names between 1997 and 2001, long before Hopewell Chin’ono had fled the UK for Zimbabwe, where he changed his own name, in this feature, I list only what I have seen with my own eyes and experienced over the last five (5) years since the early days when Mr Hopewell Rugoho-Chin’ono began pushing us to expose his close female friend’s misconduct.

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What triggered this investigation was the concern over the safety of journalists endangered by him, one of whom is the Newsday paper’s editor Wisdon Mudzungairi, Mr Hopewell Chin’ono accuses of confessing to knowledge of bribes in newsrooms.

Having since 29th July 2022 given Mr Hopewell Chin’ono four (4) weeks to address his ‘bribe’ allegations, I thought just needed a short apology; I ended up physically approaching him over his false accusations against scores of journalists, he says are bribed because they do not do rolling court reporting, stressing that he should urgently consider their physical security when they get arrested of which they will be in a worse prison predicament than his which did not involve beatings. I asked him this at the sidelines of a Thomas Mapfumo-Toky-Macheso show in Leicester, UK on 29th Aug.

2 days later on the 31st August 2022, after I had whistleblown concerning his conduct, Hopewell Chin’ono wrote, replying to a journalists’ WhatsApp group inquiry, saying: “There is an issue that must also be addressed; Simba is lying that I said Wisdom took bribes.

“I never said that. I said that Wisdom explained to us the bribe problem in the industry due to low salaries.

“Wisdom knows this and when I spoke to him yesterday he even reminded me that he said it in Alexandra Park where there were many other journalists.”

No editor I know any where has confirmed ever talking to Hopewell Chin’ono about taking bribes over Wadyajena, and none at all over any other issue or during meetings.

“Of course there’s nothing like that. I suppose he’s got a very fertile sense of imagination,” adds Mr Mudzungairi, who says if there is anything he would have done surrounding the topic of bribes, it is to highlight how Newsday runs a self regulation mechanism that helps maintain professionalism at all times.

Furthermore, at no time had I, Simba Chikanza, in any way stated that Chin’ono said Mudzungairi took bribes, and my statements are in the public domain in both broadcast and printed form. My verbal posture was also the same at the Leicester show on 29 August 2022.

I asked Chin’ono in reply to please “address the matter Hopewell. Don’t change the English. You clearly said Wisdom confessed about brown envelopes affecting newsrooms.”

Why can’t you respond? asked another journo.

Another scribe quipped in, asking, “On the issue of live updates in our courts. How many times were you reprimanded in court for using your phone? I think on that one, you should know that is why at times, we delay updating court stories.”

To this, Chin’ono replied in a voice message which he posted saying: “guys I have work to do, I have no time to deal with Simba’s issues, he is slandering me let him go ahead. I know how I am going to deal with it legally. Simba is a liar, I posted about the issue of bribes being offered to journalists and my followers came on my posts and started naming him, because I guess people were not happy with the fact that he was dealing with the Susan Mutami issue, and he phoned me and he said he is worried that people were talking about him, and I said I am not talking about you, it’s a well known issue that journalists are offered bribes, and then he asked me to write something else to exonerate him. And I said there was no need for me to exonerate anybody when I am talking about an industry wide issue. I think if people have issues with me they need to direct them rather than talking behind my back. I am very thankful to the person who added me to this group, if there is any substantive issue I am happy to address it, I don’t want to be here more than I need to be.”

Chin’ono totally avoided the issue concerning his false allegations against journalists he wants to do rolling reporting; otherwise, they have been bribed, and he swiftly exited the WhatsApp group after being challenged with an audio recording of him audibly evading his comments against Wisdom Mudzungairi and also showing no concern for the safety of the journalists he is falsely accusing.

‘This is you speaking at Lance Guma’s Red car… you show you DON’T CARE a thing about the physical safety of your own colleagues, Wisdom, who you’ve endangered here,’ I asked him in writing, to which he replied saying, “The fact that you recorded me without my consent shows how unprofessional you are and I have no time for you. I think I have addressed the real issues.
Good day.”

Discussion on journalists WhatsApp Group-pic

He exited the WhatsApp group in a huff without addressing the issue of the safety of journalists whose life he has endangered, and days after his allegations, Mudzungairi was arrested. My request to Chin’ono in the four (4) weeks running into August was: please consider the plight of journalists like you who could easily be tortured when they are imprisoned, unlike in your case, which did not involve torture.

Journo group discusssion-pic

After this, Mr Wisdom Mudzungairi told me that contrary to Chin’ono’s claims, there had not been any phone contact for several months. It was suggested to me that Chin’ono is attacking the Newsday brand so that he can promote a rival newspaper that was recently launched a few months before and that he has business interests in.

All these experiences made me to start wanting to understand what exactly Chin’ono is pursuing, the path of journalism or if there is something else. In my inquiry trying to obtain who he is, I found multiple identities and names, four (4) different ones between 1997 and 2001, of the self-same individual, the ‘Dem Loot’ singer. – this is the subect of an upcoming major investigation.

What is Hopewell Chin’ono gaining in all this if it is not fraudulent scoops? In his conduct, unless it is a unique case of mental illness, is Mr Hopewell Chin’ono not making fraudulent representations against industry colleagues to obtain financial and or political gain?


I have personally experienced and witnessed Mr Hopewell Chin’ono  covering up evidence exposing the looming vote rigging and election violence in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Mr Chin’ono tephoned me from a never-used-before phone number at 9.48am in 15th May 2022, soon after I had posted my tweet (alerting Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa that she should consider finishing her interview in which I among other things expose her deployment of a well known notorious convicted armed robber to the Directorship of State House properties) when I demanded that he first disclose who he is.

“Please introduce self,” I asked, to which he wrote back saying,

“Calling to let you know that this is my new number.

I then picked up the phonecall upon which time he told me that my tweet over Auxillia Mnangagwa “is blackmail.”

I reiterated to him saying the Twitter communication was perfect industry practice, which is the declaring of a deadline before going to print, to which Chin’ono started quoting ghost accounts on Twitter who were also suggesting my tweet was blackmail. He continued arguing for several times until he said I should delete it as it would hinder relations between Mrs Mnangagwa and the media.

Mrs Mnangagwa has never at any time in her career enjoyed good relations with the media.

I not knowing Mr Chin’ono’s motive, decided to meet him half way by deleting though albeit reposting an edited message. I would only discover to my disappointment weeks later that I had been duped by him- He was not interested in any journalism, and his call was just to save Mrs Mnangagwa from the demand of finishing the interview.

He even ignored my statement below which he could have updated his followers if he has the interests of the news hungry masses at heart.

My statement was the following, which was my last message on the day:

“For the record: this was NOT an off record, in fact the FL called me via video herself on the official newsdesk phone.
2ndly, she broke trust by threatening me during the interview.

3rdly, there has never been any trust between her and the media since the coup, no one has ever been allowed to critique her.

4thly, I did not threaten Mrs Auxillia Mnangagwa other than informing her of what is inevitable, as it is standard practice to notify a source of the deadline before a story is published so they can ensure they have contributed fully. Unfortunately Twitter character space doesn’t allow for all these words to be typed.

5thly, Mrs Mnangagwa knows well the issues at stake are beyond the single one that she cites. They, as the video reveals, also relate to one of armed robbers she has deployed to strategic national positions which placings now endanger the security of millions of Zimbabweans.

6thly, Mrs Mnangagwa also knowing well that the matter at stake is the ongoing looting of millions of USD’s of Harare ratepayer money, is just being unprofessional and I contend, downright criminal

7thly, my mention of Auxillia’s house was no threat but just a stating of the conclusions the public will reach when they notice that her claim that she ‘sells tomatoes for a living’, totally contradicts the 24 karat golden chair she is sitting on. The video shows jewellery and other expensive things in the interior of the house, which thing threatens her image as an honest person. I follow the rule that you have to seek to protect your source’s dignity and wellbeing, before your own.

Simba Chikanza.”

I also have audio recordings of Mr Benson Muneri, who is seen with Mr Chin’ono many times, making clear demands that I do not ask Auxillia Mnangagwa ‘hard questions, ‘ and that I should from now on, only send her questions directly to him. This is so despite the fact that Benson Muneri appears nowhere as her official representative. He was however the first person to telephone me within 10 minutes of my videocall with Mrs Mnangagwa on her behalf, followed by Hopewell Chin’ono, the following day, after Muneri’s interventions on behalf of Auxillia Mnangagwa had failed.

Earlier on, on the 15th March 2022, Mr Chin’ono was involved in a Twitter brawl as he defended Hotplacegrill businessman and director, Benson Muneri’s donations to the opposition CCC party on the Twitter website.

He labelled warnings about the dangers of donations from the Mnangagwa family, “silly arguments.”

He added saying, ” CCCZimbabwe needs USD150,000 for bi elections.”

Part of the Twitter brawl as Hopewell Chin’ono stated there is nothing wrong with the CCC receiving ZANU PF money- pic

Chin’ono was replying to Twitter handle Foxlion2028. Is Chin’ono truly working in favour of the opposition to help it win, or it’s all a counter intelligence operation?

Part of the argument as Hopewell Chin’ono said there is nothing unusual with CCC getting money from ZANU PF companies.- pic.

The Auxillia Mnangagwa Video LEAK Hopewell Chin’ono Doesn’t Want You See.

Contrary to a few people the likes of Mr. Clarence Miranze, I did not at all shelve my Auxillia Mnangagwa story, even though Mr. Hopewell Chin’ono told me to delete the tweet, which I reinstated within 30seconds. I did this as I also emphasised to him that this is because the people must know of the armed robbers positioned to destory their future.

State Agents do not want the people to know that the hiding place of the 1 August 2018 terrorists, State House is now under the executive Directorship of a convicted armed robber, Mr Paradzayi Kutyauripo, who isnalso Auxillia Mnangagwa’s  brother.

I also provide herewith evidence of Mr Chin’ono’s call to me on the 15th May, my response in writing to him, plus also audio recordings of Mr Chin’ono’s friend Benson Muneri (pic) , the other person who telephoned me, also trying stop me from informing the masses of this great expose the population have to know before the upcoming 2023 elections.

The Chinono phone call on the 15th of May on
Auxillia Mnangagwa’s behalf- pic
Hopewell Chin’ono and Benson Muneri – pic: Twitter/Jealousy Mawarire

After my correspondence, Mr Chin’ono who publicly claims he wants the opposition to win the 2023 elections, further demonstrated his ploy by deciding not to reveal the legal reasons why the nation must know of the contents of Mrs Mnangagwa’s disclosures.

Comment by the late President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire- pic

4 months later, Mr Chin’ono continues to ignore my response, despite sounding as if he was interested in the Auxillia Mnangagwa expose.’ He however choses to play algorithms and promote himself as a “Daddy of Hope, ” in Shona, Mudhara vachauya.




Mr Hopewell Chin’ono publicly announces saying he worked for BBC in the year 2000 under the name Hopewell M Chingono, which he changed a year later to Hopewell Mukusha, and then in the same year he registered a new name, Hopewell Rugoho-Chin’ono as reflected in this document. Effectively, all this means he changed his name 3 times in under 24 months. Did this man truly work for BBC in 2000, and is not trying to stitch up events so to blanket-cover the reports which state he was in fact involved in high level crime during this time?

BBC work ID with third name. Source: Hooewell Chin’ono,  Twitter, Facebook
govt registry department deed of change of name – source: Hopewell Chin’ono, Facebook, Twitter
sef published explanation that his father is the one who ordered the name change

He has presented a BBC work ID with his face thereon and the name, Hopewell M Chingono, and then at another date, presented a govt deed of name change which officially states that his name in 2001 was not at all Hopewell M Chingono, it was just Hopewell Mukusha  [No middle name], the latter which correlates with data records at the Zim national registry. In less than 2 years, he changes name from not M. Chingono, but from Hopewell Mukusha, to adopt a new family surname, Rugoho-Chin’ono.

To date there is not a single trace at the BBC to back Mr Chin’ono’s claims that he was a staff member at the BBC in Jan 2000, and scores of ex-employees of the broadcaster contacted by ZimEye do not remember him at any time in Jan 2000. If he was truly employed by the entity in any capacity during that month, it will further raise eyebrows of how and why could have wielded a name that is totally different from his birth record and his passport. This will only make clear that he actually traveled around UK with a third identity that has no correlation at all with data in the Zimbabwe National Registry. This reporter has had access to data records of the man and his immediate family names.

There is a fourth identity being investigated and whose findings will be reported on in due course. How and why does a real journalist working for the public broadcaster change his identity by three (3) names in less than 24months? Is this all because of a single  instruction from his father, as Mr Chin’ono suggests in his Twitter uploads?

Is a person who changes names three times, supports ZANU PF terrorists in the 2018 elections to kill scores of Zimbabweans, and in 2022 tells the opposition to accept ZANU PF money, an honest contributor to democratic change?

-BENSON MUNERI AUDIO LEAKS. I below avail audios of Hopewell Chin’ono’s referral for the opposition’s 2023 election funding, Benson Muneri as he announced that he is Auxillia Mnangagwa’s son, and was busy attention to obfuscate the contents of the Auxillia Mnangagwa interview revelations. (streaming at 4pm 28th Aug).


The most disturbing  development around Mr Hopewell Chin’ono which is going to affect a stable Zimbabwe surrounds his support for his personal friend Fadzayi Mahere, an individual who he has personally exposed over dishonesty, among other areas of misconduct since 2017.

What is most disgusting about Chin’ono is how he used to telephone us for numerous hours to get us to warn the world about Mahere, and after we started doing this, he has begun calling us ZANU PF over none but his own disclosures. All this is happening at a time when there are rumours that he has had an affair with Miss Mahere and has now wants to block the public interest disclosure because he has reconciled with her; and in this, Chin’ono is supporting Mahere harrass another Zimbabwean woman, the book author Petina Gappah, and assisting his friend abuse the courts. In my personal discussions with Chin’ono, he does not deny that Mahere is a monster set to destroy the nation per his own investigative disclosures, submitted to us.

Chin’ono was the first to reveal that Mahere was truly given preferential entrance into the University Of Zimbabwe for an undergraduate degree through her father, Stephen Mahere’s connections, which matter the lawyer is abusing the courts to argue against Gappah’s re-hashs.

Below is our latest discussion over Mahere, afterwhich he never sought to engage after I advised him not to abuse the opposition following to rally behind Mahere’s personal misconduct.

The case Chinono is suddenly assisting Mahere to fight against Petina Gappah pertains her claim that she is a person of good and honest character (which Chin’ono himself has revealed the opposite) and she has been defamed by Gappah.

Conversation with Hopewell Chin’ono 15th July 2022.- source: Twitter DM
Conversation with Hopewell Chin’ono 15th July 2022. – source: Twitter DM

Those who in 2020 suggested Mahere be made the opposition spokesperson advised the party on the basis that her father, Stephen Mahere is a Christian who is now a retired permanent secretary.  But, Mahere has a very dangerous family background, her father being the only permanent secretary to be fired by ZANU PF leadership for being an activist who is against progress and one who has a record of authorising the torture and expulsion of teachers on the grounds of supporting the opposition then known as the MDC party and MDC Alliance subsequently. Much of this is revealed in documents at the  ministry of Education and also cited in former minister David Coltart’s autobiography.


There is a prison officer who has suggested that Hopewell Chin’ono since his first imprisonement in 2020, has staged several fake arrests in order to build his profile as a human rights activist, a hero, who is doing none other than the act of exposing corruption, over which he is being victimised.

“That arrest was fake and no one touched him in the prisons you can even ask him and cross check with scores of other staff members and prison mates alike.

“He was arrested over exposing Obadiah Moyo, the latter whose arrest was also animated, and you will notice that Hopewell has never even talked about how fake the arrest of the then Health Minister was, ” the officer who requested anonymity further suggested.

If Chin’ono  truly staged the arrests, this will not be a new phenomenon, as it has been happening for over 38 years (1983 – 2022) from the days of the fake dissident Richard Gwesela who was used to help aid the government agenda (appearing to be exposing its corruption and abuses) to the post 2018 period of the anti government activist Tinashe Jonas who even launched a party of his own from opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa’s large following.

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s uncle, Obadiah Moyo last October walked out of the High Court a free man following his year long prosecution case over corruption.

The former Health Minister is the ZANU PF leader’s uncle. Obadiah-Moyo is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s cousin, titled “uncle” or sekuru, in the Shona vernacular. He is son to Mnangagwa’s mother’s brother.

When the police arrested Obadiah Moyo over Hopewell  Chinono’s Drax expose’, the police quickly released him on Mnangagwa’s orders. The head of the Central Intelligence Organisation, Isaac Moyo is another of Obadiah Moyo’s relatives who worked together with Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi to make the case appear credible. They together went to Mnangagwa and organised that everything be staged so that he (Obadiah Moyo) is served so to manage public angers over the Draxgate scandal. The plan was that Obadiah Moyo would sleep inside the police cells, and then bail be granted (and even that was cut short – he left Rhodesville Police station soon after arrival.) The CIO Director General and Ziyambi then went to get Obadiah Moyo’s own muzukuru, cousin, Munamato Mutevedzi who is the acting Chief Magistrate. Mutevedzi was invited to come and sit on the same case and the matter had the prosecutor saying that bail is not opposed. He was charged a bail of $50,000, which is just USD380, a small amount over a case involving USD60 million.

He had to take a fall to save Mnangagwa’s son, Collins, so he is actually a hero, in Mnangagwa’s eyes at the least.

Moyo was discharged from prosecution on corruption charges for illegally awarding a multi-million-dollar contract for Covid-19 medical supplies to Drax International without going through a competitive tender process. He was facing charges of criminal abuse of office over the awarding of a US$ 60 million contract to the company that allegedly sold supplies to the Government at inflated prices. The whole case was totally expunged a year later.


Hopewell Chin’ono exposes a lot of corruption, but how much beyond what earns him an award and retains him the title ‘Daddy Hope’ : [in Shona, ‘Mudhara Vachauya’?] How much does he give people beyond what is convenient for his personal show-off or iron-fish-hook? Before I conclude this article, I am reminded that the title Daddy Hope, is the crown of a famous ZANU PF song. I am also at a struggle on why Mr Chin’ono chose such a  nickname, which is the signature of all fraudsters, tricksters, rapists, and police arrest stagers for more than  20 centuries of human history, one of whom is a Zimbabwean preacher we exposed between 2010 and 2018 leading to his conviction in 2015, and final removal from community leadership in 2018 following years of grooming women and kids for sex while hypnotising them into the ritualistic salutation, Daddy.