Madam Boss Collapses
6 October 2022
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By- Comedian and socialite Tarisai “Madam Boss” Chikocho, collapsed and wailed during a family meeting to discuss the crisis sparked by her husband’s extramarital affair.

The meeting was held in Chitungwiza on Tuesday.
Madam Boss collapsed as her husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa, begged her to allow his pregnant lover, Evangelista Zhou, to remain at their matrimonial house in Seke, until she finds alternative accommodation.
The meeting followed Evangelista’s decision to apply for a peace order against Madam Boss. Ngoni and his sisters tried to persuade her into giving Evangelista a period of time to vacate their Seke home. In return, Ngoni was to persuade Evangelista to drop her protection order application against Madam Boss.
A confident Ngoni said: “I have talked to my wife about this matter and we agreed on a way forward.
“Leave everything to me so that I make sure Evangelista remains safe since she is expecting,”said Ngoni.
The meeting was held at Madam Boss’ mother-in-law’s house. And, after recovering, Madam Boss even performed some house chores. Evangelista lost her job as a nurse at a private hospital when the initial story was published in March. She even threatened to commit suicide back then. It could not be established whether Evangelista had been persuaded to withdraw her application for a protection order against Madam Boss at Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court.

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