Build Church Infrastructure, Indigenous Leaders Urged
10 October 2022
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By Tafadzwa Muranganwa| A number of indigenous churches worship under trees and open spaces which has turned off many young congregants, President of Council for Churches in Africa(CCA) has noted.

Speaking at the Zion Apostolic Faith Ministries gathering in Lilfordia ,Zvimba East ,CCC founder Bishop Dr Rocky Moyo urged indigenous churches to embrace modernisation and invest in church infrastructure.

“Let’s have our own church buildings, we are in the 21st century and our young folks are deserting us because they can’t stand being exposed to the vagaries of weather because we worship under trees,”Dr Rocky Moyo challenged.

Dr Rocky Moyo

He further said indigenous churches should take a leaf from yester year churches like Roman Catholic and Anglican which built schools and hospitals.

“Look how churches like Roman Catholic and Anglican boasts of schools and hospitals .Nothing can stop us to build our own, we just need to be organised ,”he added.

The CCA leader pledged to support the Zion Apostolic Faith Ministries to honour their late founding leader Tirivangani Mudhimbo Chademana by building a school named after him.

“It will be ideal to have a school named after your late founder Tirivangani Mudhimbo Chademana and as Council for Churches in Africa(CCA) we are willing to render support so that his legacy lives on ,”he pledged.

The late Tirivangani Mudhimbo Chademana died in 2019 and currently his son ,Philemon ,is the interim leader of the church as he awaits bestowment.

The church was delighted that Ernest Ruzayi , councillor for Ward 25 ,Zvimba East constituency where the church is headquartered said he was ready to assist it to acquire a stand for the school.

“This land is under the Ministry of Lands and what I can do is to facilitate for you to get a stand for the school by simply writing a letter to the ministry, “said the councilor who is also a proud owner of Afrobank Group of Schools.

Speaking at the same event ,CCA vice president Bishop Lameck Chitope urged the congregants to register to vote.

“Let us remind each other that we need to register to vote , it’s our democratic right to do so as congregants ,”Chitope urged.

Meanwhile, the Council for Churches in Africa will be conducting a workshop from 11-14 of this month to help out indigenous churches to put in place succession policies that will be backed by church constitutions.

“I am inviting some of your church leaders to a workshop we will be conducting from the 11-14th of October which will be on succession policy .There is the need to make sure your succession is laid out in the constitution so we avoid the feuds that arise when a church leader dies,”announced CCA leader who was flanked by his wife, Prophetess Faith Moyo who heads the Women Fellowship.

The interdenominational organisation is also involved in a number of philanthropic works of assisting vulnerable groups like orphans and widows with food relief and income-generating programmes.