Ken Sharpe’s Aide, Tatiana Aleshina Is The ‘Masterminder’ Of My Persecution, Says Biti
12 October 2022
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By A Correspondent| Harare East legislator and top Harare lawyer Tendai Biti yesterday told Harare Regional Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro that controversial businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s aide Ms Tatiana Aleshina was the masterminder of his persecution while she enjoyed a ‘suspicious relationship’ with state prosecutors handling their matter.

Biti made the remarks while arguing that his constitutional rights were infringed after Guwuriro dismissed his application for referral of his case to the Constitutional Court.

“Your Worship i will lead my evidence and demonstrate how the complainant (Tatiana Aleshina) masterminded this malicious persecution against me that she has abused State institution against me in my case and other cases that I will go into greater detail.

Tatiana Aleshina (right) arriving at Harare Magistrates Court yesterday

“I will outline her involvements in a foreign company called Augur Investments which entered into agreement with the City of Harare in 2008.

“Your Worship the evidence that am going to lead is the power of the complainant in abusing Zimbabwe’s laws and her capacity to access high offices to get what she wants and extrication,” said Biti.

He further narrated how Aleshina has used her influence to the highest office in the country to get criminal immunity which she abuses to protect people around her including one Michael John Van Blerk.

“Van Blerk was prosecuted by Mr Michael Reza and the complainant wrote letters to the State saying why are you prosecuting us while we have an agreement, the letters are there Your Worship

“If someone is that powerful to stop such a case, what about my merely assault,” added Biti.

He added that Aleshina has been using the deed of settlement where she signed on behalf of Augur Investments to plead with the High Court against prosecution.

“I will present pleadings before the High Court of Zimbabwe which the complainant admits that she went to the highest office in Zimbabwe and extract a deed of settlement where she signed herself and on behalf of Aurgur Investments,” Biti said.

He also linked Aleshina with the controversial Pomona land deal which is at the centre of a legal dispute involving a company called Fairclot Investments and Augur Investments saying she went as far as going to the highest office to extract a deed of settlement to get criminal immunity.

“The complainant (Aleshina) was at the centre of the 654 Pomona Township which belongs to the Government of Zimbabwe, then litigants started and the arbitration awarded to Augur Investments and Augur did not honor that.

“The matter went for arbitration in the High Court of Zimbabwe in the matter of City of Harare vs Augur Investments and the matter was set aside by justice Muremba and the matter went on appeal and the complainant using her influence before the matter went in, the complainant went to the highest office in Zimbabwe and extracted a deed of settlement to get criminal immunity, here she’s a posing as a complainant,” said Biti.

Biti is facing allegations of manhandling Aleshina at the Magistrates’ Court.

Harare businessman George Katsimberis has previously labelled Aleshina a dark individual who openly admits to capturing state institutions.

“The aforesaid Tatiana Aleshina is a dark individual who has literally openly admitted in other proceedings to various forms of state capture,” said Katsimberis in another matter.