Zanu PF Hooligans Run Amok In Matobo
17 October 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens Coalition for Change led by President Nelson Chamisa says the escalation of violence in the country is worrisome.

Known Zanu PF activists attacked CCC supporters in Matobo at the weekend.

Vehicles were stoned and women were forcibly undressed during the ensuing melee.

Zanu PF hoooligans vowed to thwart CCC activities in the area.

See CCC Namibia statement below:

Escalation of ZANU-PF-Sponsored political violence in Matobo worries CCC Namibia ahead of 2023!

17 October 2022

Citizens resident in Namibia would like to genuinely express their disgruntlement in the incessant torture, politically motivated violence, state-sponsored human butchery, and abductions of change champions on account of politics.

Social Democrats who subscribe to the yellow train were quite troubled last night regarding the safety of the diligent Honourable Molokele, abducted women, and other change champions, after an orgy of ZANU-PF-sponsored and orchestrated violence in Matobo.

It is quite perturbing that while Citizens Coalition for Change was mobilizing its structures from even beyond the ward to drum up support, the clueless and desperate ZANU-PF party was busy mobilizing the whole province, to brutalise peaceful change champions.

They unleashed a strong wave of violence to disrupt the recruitment and moblisation drive in Matobo where change champions will be represented by u-Sindiso Ngwenya, thanks to our organic legislator Hon Molokele for raising the alarm.

After CCC mobilizers had spent the whole day mobilizing and radicalizing voters ahead of the impending by-election, ZANU-PF thugs violently descended on the enthusiastic change champions resulting in severe bodily harm, destruction of property and vehicles, as well as scars on the ecstatic community.

State-sponsored violence, especially targeting helpless women has no room whatsoever in the purported Second Republic under the so-called new dispensation.

This should be exposed and challenged. Our innocent women were stripped naked after the abduction yesternight, this is unacceptable and must be resisted with equal measure.Namibia district has the conviction that politics should only be a contestation of ideas, not vice-versa.

What transpired in Matobo and Nyatsime is a clear pointer to the impossibility of violence-free elections in 2023. As a movement, we should gear up to vote and defend the vote from these marauding ZANU-PF thugocrats.

It is now imperative to gather the valour, mettle, and nerve to confront the beast in the eye before we are eliminated one by one. Last year, we lost Nyasha Zhambe in Gutu, in March 2022, Mboneni Ncube was killed in Kwekwe, in Bulawayo, Langelihle Dube was also butchered and Chinembiri lost his life in Chitungwiza, all in the name of politics.

Moreover, Moreblessing Ali was murdered in Chitungwiza, Nyatsime on account of politics, right now Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and 16 others are languishing in prison for demanding justice for the deceased change champion.

Citizens in Namibia seriously condemn violence as a tool for resolving political differences. We demand a level playing field ahead of the 2023 elections, violence is a sign of political ineptitude and ZANU-PF must be called to order. Hands off to our change champions!






CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Champion Robson Ruhanya