20 October 2022
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Ghanaian Pastors Bathed My Wife For Riches

By Dorrothy Moyo | A Zimbabwean man narrates his ordeal at the hands of a pastor he says gave him special powers for riches.

(Full Transcript by ZimEye) After returning from diaspora life in SA and now launching a successful mining project in Zimbabwe, my wife started spending a lot of time on TV watching GodChannels.



She was so glued to the TV church programs that her long sessions stretching to around 1pm from morning time, had made me end up extending my DSTV to the bedroom, and we both got glued to a certain Ghanaian Bishop.

We would later visit the Bishop in Ghana for prayers. The Ghanaian Pastor gave me and my wife anointing oil, saying I should put it on, whenever I go to mine gold.

I was later told by my employees that they have picked up 2kg of gold at the mine.

I then concluded that my prosperity is as a result of the Ghanaian Bishop’s intervention. The Church later told us to appear on their TV program for testimonies. We grouped some of our family and friends to watch our confession. After that, the Bishop made a personal invitation and called for offerings. I was now paying tithes to them. I was keeping chunks of money in Tshangani bags.

I later visited Ghana again.

The Bishop invited me to his house over there. I witnessed the Bishop drinking something that looked like beer. I asked the Bishop: were you drinking beer, and he replied me saying he was truly drinking beer. He was now very open to me. The Bishop said to me: I have the keys to the wealth of this world, do you want to join me?

We then drove to a small village, and we got to a certain house and met a man there. The Bishop told that guy that he has brought me there to find wealth. The man told me to undergo a ritual. I went back to my wife to let her know this is what had happened. It was sad that my wife was busy happily praying without knowing that the Bishop touches a lot of witchcraft things.

Back home there was now a certain war veteran who was now targeting my mine after the gushing out of gold. The war veteran wanted to take the mine accusing me of not having the papers for it. My wife asked me what we should do, and I told her the Bishop told me, he is able to give me special wealth. My wife refused.

I then told her that if I refuse, I will degenerate to the low level I had been before, of a poor teacher.

We decided to go there, and I was ashamed to see my wife being washed naked by another man; her private parts being opened by another man.

I was given a green ring, at the bottom of which was a type of a bird with red eyes, with an inscription in Latin. One day when I had travelled to China, and a Chinese Museum staff member was shocked after reading it and said to me, this is an ancient Chinese language and no-one can translate it. I told him I was given this ring somewhere.

The Ghanaian guy had given me a box of matches wherein were 6 matches. The man had told me, this is what is going to give you money when you get to Zimbabwe. The man had told me when you get to Zimbabwe don’t fight anyone, I will deal with whoever fights you.

I found the war veteran mining at my property. The war veteran pulled out a gun. He told me there is no court that would entertain me because, I own the courts.

Later, I was told the mine no longer has anything. I discovered the war veteran had robbed me.

At home there was a tshangani bag that had money. I knew I would be getting something from the money at home. Later I started ti notice that at home the money I am taking out is literally returning into the Tsangani bag.

I took the money from the bag and went to Messina and bought our car. The duty money I paid was close to USD4,000. What shocked me is that when I got back home, the money inside the bag was still intact, like there had no money been taken out. Later while asleep, I found myself trapped in my sleep, and I saw 6 small men, one of whom had tattoos.

I asked them what do you want here? Are you thieves? One of them started laughing and said we have been working for you all these years and not even a single day you’ve not been paying us a salary, so we have come to you to ask you to pay us. I asked them when they started working for me.

It was like a vision from the time I got the anointing oil and went with it to put on the mine. One of the men had gone to touch a band inside the mine [that brought riches]. When my wife was being bathed, it was like while she was being washed, and the men were coming out of her private parts as if she is giving birth.

Every time I was giving someone money, after some time, the money was being taken out.

They told me the salary we want from you is a wife. I asked them which wife? They said we want your daughter to become your wife otherwise we are bringing her back into Zimbabwe to drink her blood.

My wife also woke up saying, I was dreaming while breastfeeding to certain men. After that I told her what had happened in the room. My wife then called my daughter to come back home to Zim. Our daughter initially refused, but after being promised an iPhone, she came to Zimbabwe.

The day I had been told by those men to do the ritual, ‘arrived.’

On that day, they told me to take money from the tshangani bag, and put the money on the bed; When your daughter has come, you place her in the room. When my daughter had come back, we bought some sleeping tablets, and put them inside fruit juice.

As I took her, I was being pained inside me.

We placed our daughter on top of the money. When we shut the door, loud noises started. We sat the the door and we were listening while our daughter was crying from the time we had sat at the room door.

The following day, we took her to the hospital, and she was prescribed pills to calm her down. Since that day, our daughter is now so violent, like as if she is possessed by demons. Recently our kids in China I went there to see them. My 2 sons approached me and said we are having a relationship. They say they have been sleeping together.

Now these things are eating me up. For me to tell relatives, it’s paining me. My sons are now sleeping with each other, my daughter is now mad, and then, my wife is breast feeding these men, and is now losing weight. It’s as if she is HIV positive.

Most of the time, we are now staying indoors, and we have had to send our maid out. Our daughter on one of the days she managed to free herself up.

Our garden boy has given up, though he tried: He was beaten all over the face. He got frustrated. Right now, it’s only me my wife and daughter staying alone together. My sons are sleeping together. This is my confession. – ZimEye