Chaos In Harare City Council As Mukunguma Kicked Out
21 October 2022
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Angry scenes inside the council meeting on Thursday

By A Correspondent  | There was commotion inside a council meeting yesterday as Harare Councillors clashed over how Harare City Mayor, Clr Jacob Mafume was chairing the meeting.

Mayor Mafume ended up ejecting Deputy Mayor, Mukunguma of the Mwonzora MDC Alliance from the meeting after the latter called him an idiot.

The Combined Harare Residents Association narrates the development as follows: In a full Council meeting held on Thursday at Town House, Harare City Council through the Mayor Jacob Mafume acknowledged receiving a petition from Glen View residents and a letter from CHRA over a Glen View woman who gave birth in a toilet at Glen View Poly Clinic.

The petition had called for placing of maternal health provision on the agenda of the full council meeting or the Mayor and Councilors call for a Special Council Meeting to discuss the status of maternal health care provision in the City.

On the other hand, the CHRA letter had requested for urgent financial and medical support for Ms Swaba’s child who incurred some injuries while being born in the toilet at Glen View Poly Clinic.

However, the demands from the petitioners did not find space during the deliberations of the full Council meeting.

The meeting was marred with arguments and use of abusive language by Deputy Mayor, Councilor Mukunguma that resulted him in being directed to leave the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Harare City Council resolved to set up a Special Council Meeting on Thursday, to discuss waste management in a bid to increase refuse collection compactors and skip trucks to improve on refuse collection in the City.

Harare City Councilors lamented on the non-collection of refuse even though some residents are religiously paying their bills.

“In Ward 16 residents are paying their rates which is collectively USD70 000 per month, but no refuse is being collected” fumed Councilor Ngadziore in the meeting.

CHRA is expecting and calling for a strong resolution at the proposed Special Committee from the Councilors on the recovery of non-delivered of 15 refuse trucks that were purchased in 2017 by the City of Harare through a local supplier.