Divorce Summons: Grace Gwavava Chifamba
27 October 2022
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The following are summons in the divorce case against Grace Gwavava Chifamba.

TO GRACE MUDZVITI CHIFAMBA (NEE GWAVAVA), whose current whereabouts is unknown to the Plaintiff.

DANNY CHIFAMBA, the Plaintiff did on the 1st Day of February 2022 apply to the High Court of Zimbabwe, Masvingo for leave to sue you GRACE MUDZVITI CHIFAMBA (NEE GWAVAVA) the Defendant by publication. NOW THEREFORE the said Honourable Court having taken the prayer of the Plaintiff into consideration and granted the same, accordingly by these presents now summons you, the said Defendant either in person or by proxy to enter an appearance to defend with the Registrar of the said Honourable Court at Masvingo within thirty (30) days hereof to answer the claim of the said Plaintiff, DANNY CHIFAMBA in an action wherein he claims a decree of divorce on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.
AND FURTHER, you the Defendant are required to take note that, if you fail to enter an appearance to defend as aforesaid, the Plaintiffs claim as set out above will be heard and adjudicated upon in the High Court of Zimbabwe, Masvingo on any day after the expiry of 30 days from the date of this publication without further notice to you and the Applicant shall not be obliged to give you notice before the matter is set down.

THUS DONE and ISSUED in the High Court of Zimbabwe, Masvingo on this Day of 2022
The Plaintiff’s address for service is Mugiya and Muvhami Law Chambers, 36 Creswick road, Hillside, Harare, C/O 2nd Floor, Post Office Building, Masvingo. MUGIYA AND MUVHAMI LAW CHAMBERS