Zimbabweans’ Four Decades Of Misery Under Zanu PF Misrule …
30 October 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Zimbabwe is a nation in crisis.

It has been in a series of structural and interlocking crises that have converged to produce stagnation and catastrophe in the last few years. Politically, economically and socially, Zimbabwe is at a standstill. After November 2017, it fell into a deeper Constitutional crisis with broken foundations of legitimacy.

Sadly, there has been no movement; in fact there has been reversal and regression. Thus for the past 4 decades Zimbabweans have survived in a broken, failed and fragile State paralysed by a crisis of leadership, poor governance, non -inclusive institutions, low capacity and absence of a common vision. It has been in a vicious trap dominated by political instability, conflict, underdevelopment and a dysfunctional State.

Indeed the nation State has been bogged down by a massive social dislocation, collapsed economy, rampant poverty, underdevelopment, inequality, corruption and patronage. That State, the Zimbabwean State has sadly been a captured and conflated entity serving the interests of a party and a few elites, whilst retreating from its social and economic obligations to citizens. In the net result, the Zimbabwean citizen operated outside the realm of the State fending for himself in a difficult environment characterised by low per capita income and poor social services indicators.

It is the severe economic crisis that has been the most illustrative of Zimbabwe’s leadership crisis. The economic crisis is the single most visible illustration of the government’s gross failure and incompetence.

The economy has been a rickety affair of severe boom and bust cycles characterised by chapters of severe unprecedented hyperinflation, a collapsed currency and massive unemployment to the current status quo of low productivity, debt unsustainability, deflation and stagnation.

This situation requires robust, brave, radical and proactive responses, solutions and actions. In this regard, we, as the CCC , offer this smart response with actions and solutions to the agenda for real transformation in Zimbabwe.

We offer our promise and commitment to a New Zimbabwe under our soon to be availed New Zimbabwe Document.