Mnangagwa Continues To Ruin Citizens’ Lives
31 October 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition for Change( CCC) says Zanu PF does not have the capacity to turn around the economy.

In a statement on Sunday, CCC denounced the persecution of Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala and jailed activists.

“Today, our MP Job Sikhala celebrates his 50th birthday. He would have wanted to celebrate this milestone with his friends and family but the regime in Harare has made it impossible. His wife had baked him a cake but the autocratic regime stopped her from delivering it to him. We’re not yet free.

The regime continues to ruin the lives of innocent citizens through unconstitutional detentions without trial.

Happy 50th birthday our change change champion. We will continue to fight for your release,” said CCC.

Joana Mamombe also described Sikhala as a true freedom fighter.

“Celebrating 50th birthday of a REVOLUTIONARY Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala. A Fearless cadre in the face of imprisonment & trumped up charges, he still stands firm in his conviction that ZANU PF must be brought down.

I celebrate your life today FIGHTER, May you continue to Inspire even generations to come!
We miss you Hon Ken Saro-Wiwa.”