Beautiful Cheek Steals From Lover
7 November 2022
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MOHUBE THOUGHT it was his lucky day when a beautiful woman at the tavern agreed to go home with him.

But it was his unlucky day because she took his Hart pots and sold them at the scrapyard to buy drugs.


When Mohube Mphelale (50) from Bekkersdal, west of Joburg, met the woman at a tavern on Saturday, 29 October, he loved her looks.

“She was wearing makeup and she looked beautiful,” he said.

When she agreed to go to his shack he thought he was in heaven – but paradise didn’t last long.

“I thought she was a catch but, it turned out I was the one who got caught,” he said.

The woman ran away with his Hart pots.

“I bought the set of five pots for R350 two years ago – now they have been sold for R30 to a scrapyard!” said Mohube, who is unemployed.

“She’s a drug addict and she just wanted a fix and now I don’t have pots to cook my food with!”

The day after his pots were taken, residents told him they saw her with a plastic and she was seen going into the scrapyard.

When he went there, the owner told him he received the pots.

“The owner said some of the pots were bent and buckled so he crushed them. The man said he paid her R30.”

Mohube said he was very angry at himself.

“I saw a beautiful woman but I didn’t think that underneath she was just a nyaope addict.”

He said he bought her a few drinks at the tavern and when he asked her to come over she said yes. “We enjoyed ourselves the whole night,” he said.

He said in the morning, she got up while he was lying in bed.

“I was happy that she was going to make breakfast for us. It’s been a long time since I had breakfast made by a woman,” said Mohube, who has been staying alone for a long time.

He said when he heard the clinking of glass and the sounds of pots, he couldn’t wait.

There were eggs and bread in the shack and he thought she was preparing a breakfast for them.

He said after a while it became quiet. “I went to look what was going on but she was gone, and so were my pots!”

Sergeant Linkie Lefakane of Bekkersdal police advised Mohube to open a case for investigation.

“No case is taken for granted. Crime is crime,” she said.

— Daily Sun