Zanu PF Running Scared – President Chamisa
7 November 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa has challenged his political foe Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop terrorising citizens in rural areas.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at a rally in Bulilima on Saturday, President Chamisa said :

“Once they see that they are losing they start beating people, but I want to encourage you not to be dragged into such cowardice.

We want peace in this country. Our chiefs and headmen must preach and encourage peace.”

President Chamisa’s CCC is also mobilising citizens to register to vote.

“REGISTER TO VOTE: Our main focus is to build a very strong support base dominated by registered voters.

Registering new voters everyday has become our gateway to freedom. Here are the 73 ZEC registration centres that you can visit to register as a voter. “