Business Tips: How To Acquire Property Safely
11 November 2022
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Business Correspondent

Three Wingers Enterprises, a Zimbabwean advertising and marketing company, is determined to empower the nation with property ownership and management tips.

The company has a wide audience for anything from chicken selling to a mining.

Three Wingers Enterprises focuses on advertising for
property developers and
mining equipment suppliers as well as
Individuals for a fee.

See housing and property ownership tips below:

1 physical visit to view
2 must have title deeds
3 must be in the name of the seller
4 check if it’s not duel owned
5 check with deeds office if legal claims on the property known as third party interests ( caveat )
6 for stands without title deeds it must have subdivision permit and compliance permit

  • if subdivision permit is not available it means place is not ready for Tittle deeds and seller is yet to meet certain terms in the subdivision permit
  • it is advisable for buyer to ask for subdivision permit terms and conditions document to check progress towards meeting terms and conditions in subdivision permit or to assess if he has capacity and provision to meet terms and conditions.
    7 check with local authorities for other credits for water and levies ( in some cases water is checked with ZINWA

Also check with electricity suppliers
NB it is advisable to use a lawyer and legal property estates even for relatives or friends.

Fees to pay
Seller pays property gains tax
Buyer pays cost of transfer and administration fee where necessary
Seller pays cost of advertising to whoever is given mandate to sell .
Buyer pays transfer costs
Seller pays all credit owed by property.

For more information contact Three Wingers Enterprises :


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