New Liquor Production Systems A Licensed Drug Abuse Frontier- Mliswa
14 November 2022
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Temba Mliswa and Mary Mliswa

By Staff Reporter- While the recently sprouting liquor system was arguably a new form of drug abuse the production systems remained officially licensed with calls for an inquiry into their health and drug free best practice standards.

It remains a soar on society as drugs and alcohol abuse continually remains a contemporary scourge on society, culture as the inherent Indegenous Knowledge System’s (IKS) alterations, despondency and crime among many other of their ills.

Speaking during a campaign on Drug Abuse under the hashtag #SIYAGUKA at the late music icon, Oliver Mutukudzi, Pakare Paye Arts center in Norton over the weekend Mliswa emphasised that the booming liquor production business was arguably contributing to drug abuse.

It however, remained legal as the companies were licenced.

“I agree that the increased spirits and alcohol production lines have contributed to the surge in drug abuse but the companies are licensed and there is little we can do as legislators as the same firm’s are licensed and operating legally.” Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Themba Mliswa said.

Mliswa called for the potential scientific enquiry on the compliance of these producers to best alcohol production standards and health standards.

“I believe it is important that a scientific research following the establishment of centers of educational innovation excellence, science research institutes and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe inquire on the compliance of alcohol beverage producers to health standards as the use of some of these beverages have been tantamount to drug abuse.” Mliswa said.

The guest of honor at the anti drug awareness campaign emphasised that drugs had destroyed the cultural fabric of society as families and society’s had been broken down.

“Families are at war because of drugs and we have to step up our efforts in the fight against drug abuse. Children are selling property that they expect to use in the name of getting their next dose of Guka (Crystal Meth) and we have to address this through utilisation of education and empowerment .” Minister of State for Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs, Mary Mliswa said at the awareness campaign.

Drug Abuse is a major cause of social decadence and crime with the youth and children falling victim to peer pressure and using drugs to the detriment of their careers and not only their future but the nation’s.

The country has seen a surge in spirit liquor production firm’s with some exposing consumers to substandard products and unverified liquor percentages to the detriment of their health and wellness.