Chamisa Dodges Bullet As Jonathan Moyo Rejoins Zanu PF
16 November 2022
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Remember Jonathan Moyo!

It was left for all to wonder what Chamisa’s CCC refused to let Jonathan Moyo join CCC. Now it is clear to all who care that after all CCC dogged a bullet.

Since the formation of CCC in January this year, Jonathan Moyo has been in an overdrive criticising Nelson Chamisa for “not having structures.” He launched a polemic campaign to discredit the CCC leader for refusing to take his ill fated advice.

Shockingly, some within the democratic alternative joined Moyo’s bandwagon attacking Chamisa for refusing to install Moyo as his chief political advisor.

To his credit, Chamisa knew that Moyo being the Jonathan that he is, can’t be trusted! A notorious flip flopper and turn coat whose political survival depends on that.

Today the same Jonathan Moyo is back to his 2004 Tsholotsho Declaration godfather! He and his G40 acolytes this week wrote a letter to Emmerson Mnangagwa begging to rejoin the sinking ZANU PF ship. What would have been of Chamisa and the broader democratic alternative had they sheepishly followed Jonso’s advise.

Those who blasted Chamisa for not accommodating Jonso and his ideas where are you? You wanted chamisa to take advice from a zanu?

When we said no to Jonso structure nonsense, some blasted us. He wanted to infiltrate through structures. When chamisa refused he went into overdrive blasting him at every turn.

Kudos to Nelson Chamisa for remaining vigilant!