17 November 2022
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Prof Jonathan Moyo, an experienced political flip-flopper, well known for the failed Dinyane declaration leading to his ouster from Zanu PF in 2004 and his subsequent spirited attack on the then President Mugabe has reached out to the new Zanu PF leadership for clemency following his self-imposed exile since 2017.

In thinly veiled attack disguised as an apology, Prof Moyo and Patrick Zhuwawo accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of illegitimately taking power from the former president R.G Mugabe through a coup in November 2017.

In the hard-hitting letter Prof J Moyo further accuses the military for the attempt of his life and those of others “who did not support the coup and other corrupt deeds being practiced by the ruling party.”

“Between 2018 and 2020 – on the back of the 15 November 2017 military coup that ousted President Mugabe and his government from power and violently targeted us and other comrades associated with G-40”, quipped Moyo.

Military coup governments are not recognized by either A.U. or United Nations and its leaders are treated as criminals.

In his letter Moyo alleges to have been victimized for suggesting that Zanu PF must desist from using violence in its campaigns, being discriminatory on tribal lines as well as failing to hold free and fair elections at party and national levels.

“Otherwise, as would be recalled, our concerns prior to 15 November 2017- and indeed since then…revolved around the need to address… the need to dissociated ZanuPF from political violence, eradicate impunity in ZanuPF.

The holding of free , fair and credible party and national elections”, further emphasized Moyo.

In the recent elections the opposition has taken Zanu PF to court for the unfair political playing filed, rigging, including unfair jailing of opposition leaders such as Job Sikhala who is still incarcerated without trial after over 40days.

The 2018 Chief justice Luke Malaba Con-Court ruling exonerated Zanu PF of any election misconduct.

Prof Moyo firmly states that despite his apology he believes Zanu PF needs to cleanse its self from past violence and rigging of elections for the purpose of “country’s survival and prosperity.”

However, his desperate move seem to be emanating from the just ended Kenyan elections that saw the ousting of ex-President Kenyatta by his deputy President Ruto.

In his self-styled exile Prof Moyo was welcomed and protected by the then president Kenyatta who unfortunately backed a losing horse in Mr. R. Odinga who might have continued to protect Prof Moyo.

Things turns worse for the exiled Professor when he failed to penetrate the opposition MDC and CCC parties. In his apology letter he accuses the opposition of being ideologically bankrupt.

“It is clear for anyone to see for those pushing the #ZanuPFMustGo mantra have no ideological content beyond the hashtag”.

Pro opposition Twitter handles such @molokele, @wamagaisa @mamoxy have been at the forefront in pushing for #zanupfmustgo campaign.

Moyo, a hard to predict turncoat, has proven beyond reasonable doubt he is a heavy political assert as well as a master in strategy and propaganda. It remains to be seen if the ZanuPF politburo would formally accept the apology.

However, the ZanuPF spokesperson Cde Chris Mutsvangwa has already set the tone of acceptance by describing the apology letter as the “most welcome development, an endorsement of sincere and visionary policies … by president ED Mnangagwa”.