Step Down You Have Failed, Mnangagwa Told
24 November 2022
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Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC) Namibia joins the world in solidarity with the fearless, organic, and pragmatic Zengeza West Mp, Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala.

As a district, we demand the immediate release of Job Sikhala because he is innocent. Demanding justice for Moreblessing Ali and her family is not a crime.


Let’s flood Rotten Row courts in solidarity with our radical leader who is ever ready to confront Satanism.

Residents in Namibia who subscribe to the democratic alternative led by President Chamisa demand the immediate release of all political prisoners. No selective application of the law!

Justice for Wiwa and all prisoners of conscience. In short Ed and his politically inept ZANU-PF must go now because they have failed us as a people.