“Ban The Black Man Instead Of Pit Bulls”: SA Woman
28 November 2022
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By A Correspondent- South African police have opened a crimen injuria case against a 60-year-old from Benon, Ekurhuleni, after she allegedly called for black people to be banned instead of banning pit bulls.

In South African law, crimen injuria refers to a wilful injury to someone’s dignity, caused by the use of obscene or racially offensive language or gestures.

Gauteng police spokesperson Brenda Muridili said the 60-year-old uttered the speech on a widely circulated WhatsApp voice note.

She said the suspect was arrested and released the same day on a warning to appear in court on 27 March 2023.

What the woman said

Bookkeeper Belinda Magor was responding to a message on a WhatsApp group in which she said black women’s uteruses and ovaries should be removed. In the clip, she said:

Estella/Stella, I agree with you wholeheartedly. What I say is ban the black man.

They rape, they steal, they kill, worse than any pit bull could, and they get away with it. Ban those that are making the laws, ban Ekurhuleni, ban the black man.

Get all the black women and cut out their uteruses and their ovaries so that they cannot procreate because they will all turn out the same because they are all the same.

I’m very passionate about this. Ban them, kill them, shoot them. Get rid of them because they are the problem. Not pit bulls, not animals.

Animals are beautiful, and they deserve a warm bed, food, love and attention, and everything else.

God created those animals. Who created the black man? Do you think God? I don’t think so.

Call to ban pit bulls in South Africa

The call to ban pit bulls in South Africa comes as other countries such as Russia and the United Kingdom have either banned or put restrictions on ownership of the breed or its importation.

Last Sunday, two American pit bull terriers mauled to death a three-year-old boy, Keketso Saule, in Phomolong township in South Africa. | IOL