Chamisa Promises Victory, Unity Ahead Of 2023 Elections
28 November 2022
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By Dorrothy Moyo | The CCC President, Nelson Chamisa sent his supporters into a mix of emotions on Sunday when he promised that there will soon be victory, unity and freedom.

He said this as the nation readies for the upcoming 2023 elections.

Nelson Chamisa with leaders at rally

Chamisa, who leads the largest population since 1980, said those exiled into the diaspora need to prepare to come back home.

He started his message by congratulating Zimbabweans.

“Congratulations Zimbabwe,” he said.

He then went on to say though the victory is not yet visible, people should get ready to enjoy it. He wrote on his Twitter portal:

“… We have already overcome, though it doesn’t show yet. Freedom is coming! Prosperity is coming!Happiness coming!Peace is coming!Unity is coming! Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, start packing..get ready to come back home! A Brand New Great Zimbabwe loading…”

His message was met with different responses with some celebrating.

“This is exciting and excellent news Prezzo,” wrote one Twitter user

They continued saying, “2023 we are voting for CCC @nelsonchamisa ! We are voting for good governance under your able leadership sir ! 2023 President XOTSHA amasela onke OUT! Sesidiniwe ngendlala! Nomakanjani Siyangena! “

Wrote Memory Mandizvo: “Tave pagungwa dzvuku [We are now crossing over] toda kuyambuka Mwari vatumira Moses anove ndiye Advocate Chamisa kuti ayambutse vana veZimbabwe kupinda munyika itsva,vana varikuyambuka asi varakashi varikutevera kuti hazviite Mwari varikuvaparadza vese mu red sea, asi Chamisa wasvika Canaan.”

Others were different. “Tikazodyiwa next year umwe anofenda President [if we get bitten next year, someone will faint president],” said one Leo Akuedzwa.

To this, Chamisa replied saying, “Isu hatidyiki tinovava- we can’t be eaten, we are bitter.”

But others went head on against Chamisa to challenge him to separate rhetoric from reality. Wrote Thom Stuart, “If I could choose between rhetoric n action, I will choose action.

“Things on the ground do not support your words president.”