Lorraine ” Ndinyengeiwo” Guyo Speaks On Levels S*x Tape
28 November 2022
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By James Gwati- Socialite and actoress Lorraine “Ndinyengeiwo” Guyo has sympathised with Zimdancehall music producer Levels’ ex-girlfriend Shashl after the latter appeared in a s*x tape that went viral on social media at the weekend.

Shashl has since opened a rape case against Levels whom she accused of forcing himself on her for musical recording favours.

Posting on her Facebook page, Guyo encouraged Shashl to be strong.

Below is Guyo’s message:

Dear shashl
I went through the same in 2019 of a video that was not me. The girl was my look-alike! I felt like that was the end of life.
Social media can be very brutal and no one deserves to go through what you are going through right now.
As a sister I will tell u this, it’s just a phase it will pass.
I personally don’t think it’s a laughing matter because one day it might be your daughter, sister going through the same .
We all need to be there for @shashl
I stand with u dear sis
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