Proof That Chamisa’s MPs Are Not Wealth Hunters
2 December 2022
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Davis Laque writes out his view that Nelson Chamisa’s MPs cannot be wealth hunters. FULL TEXT

For the avoidance of doubt, I refuse to see all these women & men in these pictures as wealth hunters, who choose money over the citizens.

Some of Chamisa’s MPs

If that was their motivation, all of them would’ve chosen to stand with Mwonzora when it was actually fashionable.

Honest truth is, when ZanuPF handed the MDC to Mwonzora, the ‘sensible’ thing then, for any legislators who wanted power, positions & wealth, was standing with him.

The now CCC legislators consciously stood to stand with Adv Chamisa, pursuant of a shared vision, & servanthood.

In the process of opting to stand with Adv Chamisa, & by default, the electorate, many of these public representatives lost power, privileges & resources for 2 years

Doesn’t need mentioning, that even more personal resources were used during the March by-election campaigns.

I equally maintain my publicly shared view, that the #LoanGate was a deliberate scandal, created by ZanuPF, to create this very disillusionment & internal rift, threatening to tear CCC.

I equally maintain my publicly shared view, that ZanuPF is deliberate to “split CCC.”!

What particularly compounded the situation we have now, is that CCC took to much time, to be ontop of this situation.

A formal party position wasn’t timeously shared.

Even more tragically, to date, the current witchhunting is entirely based on hearsay & rumor mongering.

While at it, it’s equally clear that ZanuPF will attempt to dangle the proverbial carrot, to lure some public representatives & key officials in the CCC.

That impending situation demands that the party be able to actively & decisively respond to any such regime tactics.

Whilst CCC puts its proverbial house in order, I urge fellow citizens to take no part in piting Adv Chamisa against the entirety of his CCC elected public representatives.

They are not wholesomely, “sellouts”.

Poor decisions were made all round.
Let’s learn & move on.

CCC’s 2023 triump can’t only be depended on the indisputable popularity of NC

Even he needs popular women & men of substance, capable of attracting votes in their wards & constituencies.

Some of these are already there in the current Parliament.
Don’t demonize all of them.

CCC’s biggest concern has never been appealing to the electorate.

It has always been survival.

If the regime fails to destroy CCC, they’ll pursue projecting it in a way that fuels disillusionment & irrigates apathy.

To counter this, unity & perseverance become key!