Shun Stomach Politics, CCC MPs Told
3 December 2022
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Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia condemns stomach politics in the August House.

01 December 2022

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Namibia condemns in absolute terms the greedy gesture exhibited by ministers and members of parliament who prioritized themselves at the expense of the vulnerable masses. Social Democrats in Namibia believe that members of parliament who are representing change champions in the August House should reflect the ideology of the political behemoth. As an alternative government, we commit ourselves to put citizens at the centre of decision-making.

It is quite pathetic for those who purport to fight senseless and bare-faced looting of national resources to be seen dining and wining with ZANU-PF belly politicians who are popular for advancing their self-enrichment goals, shortchanging the unsuspecting masses. Citizens had confidence in their representatives in their legislators but when this looting scandal was unraveled by the investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, citizens are greatly disappointed. Of all the legislators who subscribe to the national democratic revolution, only Hon Markham refused to accept the loot.

Moreover, it is against the norms and values of our democratic movement to accept bribes from the politically inept ZANU-PF. Namibia district resonates with the organic and pragmatic President Advocate Nelson Chamisa who disagreed with the ones who chose to drink from the poisoned chalice. Our party doesn’t buy the politics of self-aggrandizement, change champions should always stand by the people. Civil servants are earning unsalted peanuts, college students are dropping out of institutions of higher learning because of the astronomical tuition fees, and primary and secondary learners are failing to acquire basic education while MPs are looting the national cake.

We anticipated our MPs to reject the anti-people offer which defies the logic of the idea of putting citizens at the centre. Those who represent CCC should demonstrate their capacity to be transparent and accountable to the electorate. The legislators were warned not to accept bribes from ZANU-PF since they represent the ‘New’, corruption and looting is not part of our DNA. We shall continue to shun politics of rhetoric and greedy. Accepting 40k when Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Felix Biri are languishing in the hell-hole of Chikurubi Maximum Prison is against our core value of solidarity and transparency. We expect to see ultimate solidarity with the incarcerated human rights defenders and social democrats.

Furthermore, it is an anti-citizen move that should be resisted with equal measure. Instead of clamoring for the equal distribution of national resources, it is perturbing that our MPs have decided to join ZANU-PF looting which is detrimental to the victory of the people’s party in 2023. We encourage change champions to elect leaders who are prepared to serve not to be served. Prioritizing the self is a strange gesture in the national democratic project. Namibia district champions the struggle for freedom, equality, and accountability. Where is the transparency we always preach to the electorate?

In a nutshell, Namibia district anticipates all the MPs to adopt a common position which resonates with the people’s dedication to winning Zimbabwe for a complete change. All who want to continue representing change champions must withdraw their signatures forthwith. We can’t agree with the thieving racket in ZANU-PF. CCC is yellow! We can’t be the same as the devil, let’s distinguish ourselves from the perennial thieves who have an insatiable appetite to chop, chop and chop the national cake palaver finish!






Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Change Champion Robson Ruhanya