“Despite 18-hour Blackouts, ED Still Has My Vote”
6 December 2022
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By Tariro D. Mushonga

5 Dec

 18 hours, everyday, for the past two weeks, there hasn’t been any power in Zimbabwean households, including mine. Our internet provider has had two outages in the past week. The freezer section of the fridge is leaking and there is bloody liquids marking their territory on the tiles.

Driving in Harare has always been for the brave, but now with countless robots (that’s what we call traffic lights here, Ntabiseng) not working, plus the rain, it is going to be a shit show.

However, while everyone is complaining, I am seeing the silver lining. This is the work of our detractors, western imperialism at its best. Somewhere upstream, they are messing with flow of the water. Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions!

Sanctions must go so that the water can flow back into the Kariba. Sanctions must go so that we can build more power stations inland. We have the water and we have the coal, we just need the sanctions gone!

And there is no one else who is fighting for these sanctions better than the incumbent. Down with the sanctions-beggars, down.

Forward with the revolution.

source: facebook