Voter Registration A Priority
6 December 2022
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Citizens in Namibia Rundu Branch celebrate their end-of-the-year party under the theme:Register to vote for change in 2023!

03 December 2023

All change champions who subscribe to the national democratic project championed by the pragmatic ‘Mukomana’ converged at Sarasungu River Lodge on Saturday as a way of reflecting on the work they have undertaken throughout the political season of 2022. The organic branch took an opportunity to remind its legion of followers to go to Zimbabwe and register to vote for the change that delivers in 2023.

It was unanimously agreed that voting is part of independence hence the dire need to embrace participatory democracy through serious participation in the simmering political and social issues in Zimbabwe. The branch interim executive encouraged their dear members to vote for quality services in the dilapidated health fraternity among other economic problems facing our country at the hands of ZANU-PF, a political party that has caused untold suffering to the innocent citizens in the motherland.

The branch reiterated that voting for change is the only panacea to the socio-economic and political liberation of Zimbabwe. Change champions were also motivated to continue offering solidarity with rural constituencies ahead of the watershed elections in 2023. It is now imperative to support the party morally , materially, and financially. The branch was applauded for its consistent support to finance the impending harmonised elections. Thanks to all the change champions who made it to the appreciation gathering.

On another note, the branch took a swipe at the incessant politically motivated violence against party members in Masvingo, Gutu Mpandawana, Binga only to mention but a few. This must be condemned absolutely! We demand free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections in Zimbabwe. ZANU-PF-sponsored violence should be resisted with equal measure. Rundu Branch and its fellow party members across the globe to be vigilant and stay ready to defend themselves against this violent and satanic party.

Moreover, the organic branch demands an abrupt end to the state-sponsored incarceration of Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala and Felix Biri who continue to languish at Chikurubi Maximum Prison for demanding justice for Moreblessing Ali. We are calling on all human rights defenders to amplify their voices by advocating for the immediate release of Hon Job who saw his bail application denied for the 10th time. It is not a crime to defend vulnerable members of society.










Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Change Champion
Robson Ruhanya