Business Tips: How To Run A Mining Venture
8 December 2022
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Business Correspondent

Mining is a form of business that is not understood by many people.

In mining it is important to work with individuals with expertise and relevant knowledge.

The presentation below was prepared by Three Wingers Enterprises. The company provides mining consultancy services, housing services, business consultancy and networking for farmers, among other services…

Steps to keeping your Mining as professional and still small
Mining is a business just like any other business .

1 Hire people who understand Mining in everything not relatives and friends even your wife and children.

Hire a qualified manager with knowledge of small scale Mining ( not necessarily from school of mines ) or train one for yourself.

Manager is key to mine administration, record keeping , production analysis and decision making, meeting Mining officers , hiring relevant workers and most of all keeping gold and administrating capital.

2 Take your time understand Mining yourself manager shouldn’t be ahead of you buy books about Mining laws like a mines and minerals act . Explosives act , gold trade act .

3 Take informed risks invest capital for learning through venture called sponsorship for less than 2000usd even 500usd buy things like explosives , cyanide, diesel, tank construction or buy a compressor and visit regularly and learn more to invest more .

I call this phase investing to learn profit is bonus . The more you visit and prepared to learn the more you increase chances of winning.

4 understand the meaning of Mining compliance inorder to avoid conflict with law officers and increase your chances of making profit
5 know all risky adventures in the mining sector. Only sell value property to fund a mine when you are a guru .

6 when you have understood the game invest more in equipment to speed a process you understand and make money
7 if possible go to school of mines for short courses after you have understood small scale Mining full .

8 look for other forms of making money in the mining sector without having to mine below are opportunities you can explore preferably with us
1 finance: Mining sector in Zimbabwe has no funding its high risky funding we have modeled a less risky funding process.

2 equipment selling
3 information database
4 emining

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