FULL THREAD: Mliswa Says War Vet Leader Persecuted By Mnangagwa Has Died
8 December 2022
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Sad news as Chairperson Harare North War Veterans District Amos Sigauke has passed away. He was sick and at the time he was arrested for protesting for his welfare was on dialysis. He suffered physically as his legs swelled while he was in cells.

To compound matters, he was accused kunzi vapanduka but kupanduka kwei when all he wanted was his money. Now he dies without getting it. We should understand that each position and role has its own conditions of service and benefits. The same with civil servants.

Civil servants have their own specific conditions. It’s sad that Cde Sigauke has gone this way. Just last season I helped him with some fertiliser at his farm as the authorities didn’t help them.

When they protested they got arrested. How can you do that to your own people seeking for what belongs to them. Fellow compatriots such as JOC should have been able to stop that. Go well gallant son of the soil. Rest in peace. Hamba Kahle.