President Chamisa In Key Meeting With MPs
8 December 2022
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  1. Our CCiC, Adv @nelsonchamisa met with CCC Parliamentarians to discuss critical legislative issues that are before the House including the Electoral Amendment Bill, proposed amendments to the Criminal Code, the PVO Bill and other Parliamentary related issues.
  2. Our CCiC and the change champions also deliberated on the current energy crisis, the deteriorating primary education system, partisan distribution of farming inputs & the general hardships faced by Zimbabweans at home and abroad.
  3. Our Change Champion in Chief also received a report from the Parliamentary caucus on the circumstances around the USD40k loans awarded to the Members of Parliament recently.
  4. It was a frank conversation that emphasised on the importance of values & the highest standards of ethical leadership, probity, integrity & accountability to the citizens.
  5. In this regard, the Parliamentary caucus will address a press briefing on the matter in due course.
  6. The CCC is the next Govt & remains the only credible and viable alternative that will win Zimbabwe for change & usher in a new Great Zimbabwe. The citizens want & deserve new, ethical leaders in Govt & Parliament led by Adv @nelsonchamisa.- CCC