Support Team Pachedu In Exposing ZEC Electoral Fraud
9 December 2022
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Team Pachedu needs our organic support, CCC Namibia echoes!

07 December 2022

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia salutes Team Pachedu for unearthing the manipulation of the voter’s roll during successive elections since 2008. The district calls upon change champions to urgently address these ZANU-PF rigging antics on the voter’s roll. Zec should release the electronic voter’s roll as per the provisions of the electoral law. If we don’t amplify our voices against this daylight rigging, hoping to win state power in 2023 will be just a castle in the air.

It is now imperative to demand the electronic voter’s roll that they are using on the delimitation exercise. The voter’s roll was never provided to the public since 2000, this must be resisted now or never. Namibia district has the conviction that change champions should gather the varlour, mettle, and nerve to approach Zec demanding its respect for the rule of law and constitutionalism. We are sick and exhausted of disputed elections in the motherland.

The recent by-elections held in Binga were bloody, we received terrible pictures of change champions who were butchered ahead of the elections for campaigning for CCC. Violence is another tool used by the politically inept regime to silence dissent. We need to be ready to defend ourselves from ZANU-PF thugs, we can’t continue to be beaten, maimed, killed, houses burnt, and frog-marched to ZANU-PF rallies being denied our political freedoms from the new millennium. It is our mandate to resist the futile attempt to convert us into second-class citizens in our fatherland. Zimbabwe is not a ZANU-PF private property, it belongs to all bonafide Zimbabweans including change champions.

Zec never said anything about the ongoing state-sponsored violence before, during, and after by-elections in Gokwe, Kwekwe, Binga, Gutu, Masvingo, and Mrehwa only to mention but a few. It has remained mute because it is an extension of ZANU-PF. The purported electoral amendment bill is a mockery of the documented recommendations toward free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections in Zimbabwe. Its stillness on the violence perpetrated by the ZANU-PF party before the elections qualifies them as accomplices in the rigging of elections in Zimbabwe. It was mute on the timeous release of election results, the provision of the voter’s roll on time according to the constitution, incessant politically motivated violence against the opposition, and the use of traditional leaders to harass and intimidate villagers.

These are some of the key areas that need to be addressed in order to hold free and fair elections. Citizens in Namibia urge the change champions to mobilize, recruit and radicalize for change as we target 6million voters in 2023.

In a nutshell, let’s compliment Team Pachedu! Our team is playing a very pivotal role in exposing how the voter’s roll is exploited by the regime to prolong their stay in power. We should embrace dangerous freedom against ZANU-PF shenanigans. Let’s act now for comprehensive reforms ahead of the watershed elections.

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Change Champion
Robson Ruhanya