Can Chamisa Ever Copy the Mbeki-Mnangagwa Secret Model?
10 December 2022
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By Lesley G Dube | A video of former President Thabo Mbeki reveals that in the 80s, South Africa’s ANC party secretly worked with the govts of Zimbabwe and Zambia and specifically Emmerson Mnangagwa who was state security minister to forcefully destabilise the apartheid regime.

Says Mbeki: “Emmerson Mnangagwa, was Minister of State Security that time and I worked with him. He is now President of Zimbabwe. Under the deal we crafted, Zimbabwe moved a whole battalion to the Limpopo river at the border with South Africa.
“That means the Zimbabwean soldiers would cross our weapons from Zambia to the Limpopo. Our people would then cross from South Africa, without weapons and get them in Zimbabwe. There were a lot of roadblocks then,” said Mbeki.

Mbeki added saying, many ANC cadres travelled to sensitive meetings internationally using fake Zimbabwean documents.
“For instance, if I wanted to travel to some sensitive meeting abroad, I would go as Patrick Zhuwao,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd that included former Zimbabwean a minister Patrick Zhuwao.”

Hints from the video are that:

1. ANC is beholden to Mnangagwa.

2. ANC is part of Mnangagwa

3. Until CCC rises to this level of radicalism the likes of what the ANC was doing with Mnangagwa in the 80s, there is no hope of change.

4. Does CCC have a base in Zambia? No.

Does CCC have an intelligence base in Zambia? No.

Does CCC have its structures working in the Zambian govt? No.

So CCC does not have institutional power, it is only operating from a principle of persuasion. How sustainable is that in a struggle agaunst the world’s most brutal dictatorship?