Susan Mutami Resurfaces, Vanishes
10 December 2022
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Susan Mutami – file

By A Correspondent | Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of the controversial self styled whistle-blower, Susan Mutami following an eletric period of exposing ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa and rallying the public around that cause, between June and August 2022. Mutami is now nowhere to be seen. Since the period of the United Nations she went off social media and off friends.

So what really happened to the whistleblower who could have easily helped to lift the plight of abused minors? ZimEye searches around all over Brisbane, among friends, family, and even on the Twitter website that became her attack base against people like Marry Mubaiwa who ended up being amputated following Mutami’s false allegations, Susan still cannot be found.

ZimEye checks with Susan’s mother, Rebecca Mutami, whose phone is switched off soon after picking up the journalist’s voice. Soon after that call, the mum’s Facebook posting stops completely for months running into December, not a single dot can be seen.

ZimEye turns to Susan’s young sister, the 20 year old Kundai, whose phone is swiftly switched off soon after the ZimEye journalist has introduced himself.

“How are you Kundai? I am looking for Susan,” our reporter asks, to which she replies by demanding to know,

“Who is calling?”

The call is terminated upon announcement of ZimEye.

Afterwards, another local Australian Correspondent tasked by ZimEye tries her luck, only to report back saying that the phones are ringing but none of the two, (mother and young sister) are picking up.

So was Susan Mutami killed? If anything happened to her at least her brother, still to be contacted, would have notified the world, a source tells ZimEye.

To somewhat confirm this, an intelligence agent provides possibly the clearest detail on Susan Mutami’s whereabouts. “The last time I spoke with her she told me that she is now changing her number because she has to avoid people,” they tell ZimEye. ZimEye was still to be given Susan’s “new phone numbers,” at the time of writing as promised.

So what really happened to this whistleblower who also says she is an anti terorism expert and who was going to make announcements at the UN General Assembly in September exposing her former boss and one time “boyfriend”?

Something happened to her which is more than money, a state agent tells ZimEye. The whole sequel begins in 2020, when Mutami got pregnant twice in a year to 2 different men, amid a long string of others in the same 12 month period.

She would also in the same year threaten to ‘rape’ Simba Chikanza’s own father (94) during interviews.

The below is a trail of event twists that involved high profile ministers caught between two scandals, one on the sale of stands, and one of trappings using Susan who was self proclaiming to be an anti-terrorism expert.

It was all triggered when earlier in the year, the Special Anti Corruption Unit head, Thabani Mpofu was close to arresting Local Govt Minister, July Moyo over the alleged sale of stands in Harare, Kwekwe and Gweru for his own benefit.

There were several beneficiaries listed on this reported scandal who are in the ministry of Justice; so to hide this, a quick plan was hatched to get Mpofu fired.

Owen Ncube

Mpofu, who leads the controversial taskforce, was swiftly accused of authoring letters for MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti advising the opposition icon on ways of navigating through the justice system.

Close sources allege that, when this was about to happen, the Norton MP Temba Mliswa went over to president, Emmerson Mnangagwa to advise him to ignore the calls to fire Mpofu; doing this in order to settle scores with the enemy of an enemy (Mliswa had heard that Thabani Mpofu had been set up by July Moyo, Owen Ncube, and Virginia Mabhiza). Mliswa has had several bones to chew with Thabani Mpofu. Mliswa reasoned with Mnangagwa saying: how could Thabani Mpofu author letters for MDC Deputy President Tendai Biti in this age and time when he could simply pick a phone call.

Parallel to all this, Temba Mliswa was the subject of an ongoing probe in which he was entangled with ex girlfriend, Susan.

Facts became clear mid February that, Susan Mutami, the centre of the axis, was used to incriminate Mliswa.

Mutami is an enigma. She claims she bedded the late SB Moyo, Killer Zivhu, Temba Mliswa. She even openly  announces saying she has bedded Emmerson Mnangagwa.

She says she has Mliswa’s twins, while at the same time naming her son after his arch enemy, Owen Ncube.








In 2020 alone, she dated at least four High profile men who include the Foreign Affairs Minister SB Moyo, one after the other:

Susan Mutami’s 2021 June profile picture – source: Susan Mutami,

Polite Kambamura, the Mining Deputy Minister (they were engaged). Walter Chikwana, Secretary for the Judicial Commission (they had a civil partnership in 2020), and ZANU PF MP, Hon Kenneth Musanhi (see pictures).

Furthermore, an affidavit seen by ZimEye states in addition that she was already pregnant way before bedding Mliswa in 2020

The affidavit, certified by the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), shows that as at around March 2020, she was still engaged to another man, who works inside the JSC, Mr Walter Chikwana.

The man was reached for a comment but wouldn’t speak or respond to questions.

The affidavit states that Mutami was carrying a pregnancy to another man at the end of March 2020. In the affidavit, her boyfriend, Mr Chikwana says:


‘ I am Susan Vivian Mutami’s partner and in case of emergency I can be contacted on the above mentioned address or on my mobile number, +263772***********”

He then goes on to say he is the legal guardian of SB Moyo’s Child (full name redacted-in accordance with the Children’s Act on the paper).

” I am also the legal guardian of (name withheld), and our unborn child as of date. Attached hereto is a copy of my identification.”

The affidavit was signed on the 24th March 2020.


The development puts burden on Mutami to explain the timing drama surrounding her two pregnancies (to different men) which are within months of each other.

She also says that she is the holder of two Australian degrees of which she has none, and also makes false claims that she is the winner of Australia’s CEO awards. During interviews with Mutami, ZimEye reveals how that her claims to university courses are baseless.



Susan Mutami


She is also put to task on her CEO Awards claim, and it is revealed that she was only a passerby at the function who posed in front of a camera holding someone else’s award. (SEE RGM INTERVIEW BELOW)

Her ex lover, Mliswa has maintained his allegations that he was set up by the Central Intelligence Organisation in order to incriminate him using Susan Mutami.

By this time, he has been arrested and charged for violating COVID regulations while holding a press conference to address her allegations against him. 

After all this, she is stopped while trying to leave the country, and then she is put under the custody of the Central Intelligence Organisation.
Mutami is held for possessing details on the attempted assassination of the president and killing of three aides at the White City Stadium, then she is whisked out by two powerful ministers who have close links to the president, July Moyo (local governments), Owen Mudha Ncube, minister of state security. After being whisked out without knowledge of the mother body of the CIO, she then starts to attack to the Director General of the CIO, who she claims she once dated, then threatening to release secret information on the cabinet, Politburo and a number of other official secrets, while on the same tweet, absolving the two ministers, July Moyo and Owen Mudha Ncube.

At this time, July Moyo is under investigations for parceling out land, a case being probed by Thabani Mpofu’s SACU organisation.

July Moyo is very close to permanent Secretary Mrs Virginia Mabhiza and Kumbirai Hodzi, the prosecutor General. At the same time, Thabani Mpofu’s SACU is having clashes with the Prosecutor General. There was a collusion between the Prosecutor Gen and July Moyo to get Thabani Mpofu fired. The PG and July Moyo then approached the president Emmerson Mnangagwa to pass allegations that Thabani Mpofu has advised Biti.

The event trail is as follows:

Thabani Mpofu is accused of writing WhatsApp letters to MDC Alliance MP Tendai Biti giving him advice on how to return to parliament, and this makes the president very angry. At this time, Mnangagwa has also been told by Perm Sec Virginia Mabhiza, and Prosecutor Gen Kumbirai Hodzi, to ignore the request to arrest Minister July Moyo on land fraud.

Mnangagwa then summons Thabani Mpofu to State House where he is dressed down. It is reported that Mpofu has been fired. ZimEye contacts Mpofu who tells this news network, it’s not true at all. Are you my employer?, Mpofu fires a question while answering to the report.

Soon afterwards, Temba Mliswa who is naturally against Mpofu, comes to the rescue of Mpofu to tell the President that Mpofu has been set up. Thabani Mpofu also gets support of the CIO DG Isaac Moyo. This angers July Moyo who together with Owen Ncube sponsor Susan Mutami to tweet ‘some dirt’ on Isaac Moyo while absolving July Moyo and Owen Ncube publicly, on the Twitter website.

State security sources report saying Mutami was whisked out of Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge Border post. ZimEye requests paperwork to confirm that the escape was truly through that border post. No date is provided, but by end of April 2021, she is now safely in Australia.

Both Owen Ncube and July Moyo are contacted for a comment, and their phones are put down soon after hearing the interview questions.

Responding to the state security reports, Mliswa denies ever approaching Mnangagwa to assist Mpofu. He tells ZimEye: “Mpofu, Matanga, Mudha, July Moto, and Ziyambi Ziyambi are all one and the same, working hand-in-hand.”

It surfaces that Mutami is an agent of July Moyo and his team to settle their matters with Director General, Isaac Moyo. Thabani Mpofu then suddenly comes out the victim of the two warning camps.

By this time, the development has raised questions on how safe Zimbabweans are when ministers and two officials are using a woman to settle their personal scores. Is Zimbabwe is being run by people controlled by bottom power, or is it that Susan Mutami has some ability to capture all these people, or she is so dazzling to control the nation’s top government officials?

The following year 2022, at a time when there are many questions still to be answered by Susan such as: where is the proof of your degrees in counter terrorism? Where are Mliswa twins you said you gave birth?, Why do you seem skipping from one high profile man to the other?, where is the proof of your nursing degree? Why on earth did you threaten to rape Simba Chikanza’s father?, Where is the proof that you are a famous person who won the Australian CEO awards?, Susan Mutami bounces out to announce that she was raped by Emmerson Mnangagwa.

During her tweets, she also accuses the mother of 5, Marry Chiwenga, saying she (contrary to clear video evidence) attempted to kill her husband the Vice President, allegations that would get Marry amputated after being denied her passport for a medical travels.

She also accuses her former lover, Mliswa of raping a minor who eventually died from an abortion.

On her widely attended Twitter space, Susan Mutami accuses journalists who have asked her these pertinent questions of being state agents, going to the point of claiming Simba Chikanza whose father she threatened to assault,
was paid by the military intelligence.

She then promises to fly to the UN General Assembly to expose Mnangagwa and connect with the masses over her allegations.

The whole nation starts to expect her to dress down the 80 year old ZANU PF leader in front of the world. ZimEye maintains its caution stating that Mutami cannot be genuine, and the Queensland Police where she claimed she has registered a police case have announced that the number she publicised is not even a police case reference.

Her Twitter account stops posting by the end of August 2022 and in the whole of September, there is not a mention of Mutami at the UN General Assembly.

By Dec 2022, Susan Mutami has gotten Marry Chiwenga amputated and on another hand, dashed the hopes of millions of abused children whose rape cases are likely to be doubted now when they make reports.

Between being silenced and just going silent on her own, what has happened to Susan Mutami?