2023 Tombozama Mukomana
13 December 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens analyst David Laque says Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa will not take the nation anywhere.

Laque has urged the nation to give CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa a chance to transform the waning economy in 2023.

Below is Laque’s argument:

Adv Chamisa wants to take us where we want to go…

ED wants to take us where we are coming from.

By whatever means, a win for ED & ZanuPF in 2023 will mean that the next 5 years will look exactly like the past five years.

So whats your choice come 2023, #change or #continuity?

2023 is about choosing between change & continuity.

2023 is about choosing between a kakistocracy & a citizens’ transformational govt.

2023 we put a stop to the 43 years of excuses, failure, corruption & chaos.

2023 we usher in a New Great Zimbabwe.

2023 tombozama mukomana