Nurse Aide Loses US$3K To Fake UK Care Home Agents
16 December 2022
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By- A Harare man aspiring to be a nurse aid in the United Kingdom has lost US$3000 to fraudsters purporting to be agents of a UK-based Care home.

The fraudsters, Makanaka Mukwesha, Fidelis Mazhindu, Crispen Gazimbe, and Chelsea Makombe, work for Abroad Gateway Studies.

They were brought to court to answer fraud charges after purporting to be United Kingdom-based Seren Health Care Solutions agents. They were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

The State’s case was that the complainant was looking for information regarding potential nurse aide employers when he got information that Abroad Gateway Studies could help him.
It is alleged that the company masqueraded as agents which recruit interested nurse aides to work in the UK.
The court heard that the complainant then contacted Mazhindu who directed him to their office.
On October 26, the complainant went to the office, where he was told to pay US$500 as administration fee, and submit a police clearance, TB test, nurse aide certificate, IELTS certificate and proof of residence.
He was also told that he would wait for 21 days, after submission, while the documents were being processed.
The complainant then made the payment and was added to a group with 71 other participants.
He was also told to pay £2 000 for a plane ticket, rentals and visa appointment.
It is further alleged that on November 8, the complainant received a phone call from Makombe, who indicated that there was a new requirement.
He was told he should pay £1 000 as a security fee before receiving a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS), and the balance, after receiving it.
The complainant paid the money. He was then made to sign a non-disclosure agreement on November 11.
It is further alleged that on November 23, he was called and told that his support letters were ready.
He went to the office where he met the quartet. He was told that he would start work next year.
However, the complainant became suspicious when the organisation started to shift dates.
The complainant inquired from a friend abroad, to check if the company existed and recruited nurse aides.
The complainant was told that the company belonged to Stella Chimano, who is based in the UK.
Chimano advised the complainant to report the matter to the police and the quartet was arrested.
The complainant lost US$2 900 and nothing was recovered. Pardon Dziva prosecuted. H Metro