Chiwenga Ally Captures Top Zim Musicians
21 December 2022
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By- Arts deputy minister, Tino Machakaire, has mobilized top Zimbabwe musicians to perform in his Wedza village in Mashonaland East province on Christmas day.

Machakaire, a close vice President Constantino Chiwenga, ally and hails from the same rural home with Chiwenga has hired big names, including Alick Macheso and Jah Preizer, to perform his sponsored X-mas gig.

Justifying this personally organized gig on his Facebook page, Machaire said he wanted to fulfil his childhood dreams of attending a live musical show.

Below is what he wrote:

No matter where you go, remember the road that leads you home.” Growing up in rural Wedza, it was always my desire to attend a live show. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was never afforded that opportunity. This is why every year, I strive to give back to the people in my constituency and bring to them the artists they love and yearn to see performing live. This is also an opportunity for those with varying talents to showcase them and potentially get scouted.
Initially, I had thought to book an international artist and we had engaged their management. Upon reflection however, I realized that it would be better to engage and empower our local artists. These are the people we spend all our time with, they have the same stories as us and speak the same language as us. What does it benefit us or the local arts industry to fork out thousands of dollars to outsiders. It is better we empower our own with that same money. It is in that vein of thought that I invite you all to the annual Wedza Arts Festival 2022. It is bigger and better and 100% local. Come with your friends and family and enjoy purely Zimbabwean entertainment for free. I hope to see you all on Sunday, 25 December 2022.