“CCC Will Win 2023, I Will Be Minister,” Chibaya Celebrates 2023 Ahead Of Polls
29 December 2022
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“CCC will win 2023, I will be Minister and you ambassadors” Chibaya tells diasporans elections.

By Nomusa Garikai | Amos Chibaya, CCC national organising secretary, told his audience in Birmingham that CCC will win the 2023 elections and they should prepare a skills data base. The CCC led government will appoint them ambassadors, Permanent Secretaries, etc. He will be minister of local government minister.
It was sweet music to Zimbabwe diasporans; they swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker! How naïve; Zanu PF is rigging these elections and they have done nothing to stop the rigging and are, instead, sharing out the spoils of the imaginary electoral victory!
Amos Chibaya and other CCC party leaders are in UK on mission to raise funds for the upcoming 2023 elections. No doubt the hooked diasporans will loosen up their purses and bankroll the party’s campaign.
Whatever skills these men and women in the diaspora have, it certainly does not include common sense. The common sense to realise that Zimbabwe’s elections are a farce and the number one challenge is to put an end to the insanity of participating in flawed elections to give Zanu PF legitimacy.
The great physicist, Albert Einstein said insanity of doing something over and over again expecting a different result. Zimbabweans have been participating in these flawed and illegal elections; so, flawed that in the March 2008 MDC garnered 73% of the votes and still failed to win power; for 42 years and still expect a different result. If that is not proof of collective insanity, what is!
Zanu PF is rigging the 2023 elections just as blatantly as it has rigged elections in the past. There evidence of the rigging is there for all to see. Last year Patrick Chinamasa, then Acting Zanu PF spokesperson, announced that the Zanu PF government will not honour Mnangagwa’s promise in 2018 to grant diaspora vote “as long as the sanctions imposed by the West remain.” The sanctions include travel ban on some Zanu PF leaders and thus putting the regime at an unfair electoral disadvantage as regarding winning the diaspora votes. All nonsense, of course.
The right to a meaningful say in the governance of one’s country is an inalienable right enshrined in the UN Universal Human Rights Declaration. To deny Zimbabweans in the diaspora their fundamental right because Zanu PF has a quarrel with the West is an outrage. What man in his right mind would quarrel with his neighbour and take it on his wife and children? No society would ever tolerate such barbarism!
Even if we were to accept the argument that Zanu PF would be at an electoral disadvantage because its big gunners will not campaign freely in these Western nations that have imposed travel ban. Why is the regime denying the vote to those Zimbabweans in neighbouring SADC countries and beyond which have not imposed any sanctions on the regime?
The truth of the matter is Zanu PF denying those in the diaspora the vote for two reasons:
1) Many of the Zimbabweans in the diaspora are there as economic and/or political refugees and they blame Zanu PF misrule for their situation. It is obvious many of them would therefore not vote for Zanu PF.
2) Zanu PF has corrupted all the country’s state institutions including ZEC, Police, Army, etc. giving the regime total controls of every aspect of election process and with it the unlimited opportunity to rig elections. Still, rigging elections is dirty work and the party has not always succeeded in the dirty work under wraps as in the 2008 elections. Zanu PF would have to rig the diaspora vote and keeping that a secrete would be near impossible. Denying those in the diaspora the vote was by far the easier option than rigging that vote!
There are 3 million adult Zimbabweans in the diaspora, using Zanu PF’s own figure; a very significant number given Mnangagwa won the 2018 elections with 2.4 million votes. So, the diaspora vote constitutes 37% of the potential 8 million voters.
How can the elections be free, fair and credible when one contestant is allowed to cherry pick the voters and deny 37% the vote?
So, if Amos Chibaya and his fellow CCC leaders had any common sense they would be fighting tooth and nail to secure the 3 million in the diaspora have a vote. Indeed, should have implemented the necessary reforms to guarantee diaspora vote during the 2008 to 2013 GNU. They failed to implement even one reform in five years.
Whilst SADC and many in the international community were outraged by MDC leaders’ failure to implement reforms and deserted MDC in droves. Many Zimbabweans, including those in the diaspora, did not even realise the primary purpose of the GNU was to implement reforms. Even now with the benefit of hindsight many Zimbabweans still have no clue what the GNU was for much less that MDC leaders sold out big time!
Zimbabwe is a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent and murderous Zanu PF thugs who have rigged elections to stay in power. Zimbabwe has become the textbook case of a failed state ruled by men and women whose greed for power and loot is insatiable. They are blind to the common sense reality that without rule of law the nation is doomed.
It is the corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF thugs who have landed us into this economic and political mess. It is the equally corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless MDC/CCC leaders who have wasted many golden opportunities to end the Zanu PF dictatorship and kept us stuck in the mess. The nation has been looking to its intelligentsia to finally get us out of this hell-on-earth of our own making.
The overwhelming majority of Zimbabwe’s so-called intelligentsia are in the diaspora and judging from the glassy-eyed reaction to Chibaya’s idiotic offer of ambassadorship, etc.; the intelligentsia are just as naïve, gullible, and greedy as the political leaders. They don’t even have the common sense to know it is insane to be sharing the spoils of election victory when Zanu PF still enjoy the carte blanche powers to rig elections; especially after 42 years of rigged elections!
“CCC will win the 2023 elections, I will be Minister of Local Government and you will be appointed ambassadors and Permanent Secretaries!” How presumptuous especial when Chibaya and co wasted the golden opportunity to secure diaspora vote implement reforms and secure diaspora vote. Zanu PF is rigging the 2023 elections, that is the reality! –
SOURCE: zsdemocrats.blogspot.com