Mavaza: ZANU PF Strengthened In 2022, The Year Of Strategies
31 December 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza| During the year 2022 the CCC president has radically expanded the social safety net but struggled to protect his influence to the voting majority.

The CCC has made history to be the first social group masquerading as a political party yet they represented a tyrannical spring. Chamisa had managed to create a dictatorship politically motivated party with no constitution no sim no policy no focus only two people leading it which are CHAMISA and Fadzai
Mahere. Voters will render a telling verdict on Chamisa and CCC as they decide whether to keep control of our country to the people or to the puppets. In 2022 we have learnt to forgive people if their views about the president’s record so far are a bit complicated. It is because the coming of the CCC was based on a narrative that demonised Zimbabwe and it’s true leadership.
In less than two years, of its creation CCC has chaotically ended the democratic process in Zimbabwe while struggling to bring forward a constitution of the party. Domestically, he’s pursued nothing less than a transformation of the social safety net, with an agenda comprising a dizzying intent bent on reversing the gains of the independence struggle. Despite the curse of the yellow fever ZANU PF through ED MNANGAGWA has accomplished quite a lot of things perhaps more than most political observers expected with such little space to move having been stifled by the sanctions. Some of his legislative moves, on democracy and preserving peace and safety for example, have even been bipartisan victories. In one year only MNANGAGWA has also achieved many of his most progressive priorities, which have fallen victim to a combination of sanctions and opposition. In the past few months, Mnangagwa has bolstered his progressive record without the help from outside.

Each year ZANU PF writes history which looks back at our achievements across the last 12 months, and explains how the party has campaigned towards securing vision for a democracy fit for the 21st Century.
By using our voice in the media, developing in-depth research and policy, campaigning and influencing and making the case online we’ve led the charge for reform in 2022. Our major milestones in 2022 ZANU PF was to maintain democracy in the face of provocation. ZANU PF is the only party with a Proportional Representation in parliament.
Convincing the party to make a cultural shift and become a party that supports Electoral Reform which has become an integral part of our drive of change as laid out in our strategic plan. In 2002 we made historic progress towards the international engagements and coming up with a foreign policy only made in ZANU PF. This was the culmination of many years of building a campaign for friendship with all and boosting investment and leaving no one behind (Politics for the Many) and of being part of the change and became a party that organised so skilfully within its ranks to build support in branches and in constituencies and to position itself as a winnable option in towns where we have been seeing red for a long time.

2022 we have worked closely with our people everyone encouraging them to register to vote. The Commissariat department pressed on the Politics for the Many to build up support ahead of the successful vote we will have in 2023. Throughout the year we worked to create a compelling communications campaign to build support for us in and outside the Party.
ZANU PF worked closely with its partners before and during the congress to build the case for 2022.

The party gained more and we will be having a landslide victory in 2023.

We have seen a number of youth coming to join ZANU PF. Chief Hwenje motivated the party in songs and praises. Cde Mutsvangwa Chris and madam boss Mutsvangwa supported by Tafadzwa Mugwadi sweated to keep the image of the party clean and thanks to them ZANU PF remained visible.

2022 saw our dedicated team of varakashi flying the flag Of the party high.

The has come to an end but there are many heroes who bled for the party. Zimbabwe is a jewel because of ZANU PF. We can not forget General Zabanyana,General Rugeje cde Matemadanda cde Mai Hungwe cde Obert Mpofu and the whole team of elders.

2023 saw a great dedication to country and self. Cde NPC Bimha General Rugeje, Zabanyana, Matemadanda, Ophar Rushesha Muchinguri Kashiri, Obert Mpofu mhofu Tizora and many senior leaders graduated with doctorate degrees at the same time guiding and directing the party.

All ZANU PF cadres wherever they are, this was our year and more of our years are coming.
ZANU PF, iwe neni tine basa.

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