Mwonzora To Ban “S*x Before Marriage” If He Becomes Zim President
4 January 2023
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By A Correspondent

Douglas Mwonzora is willing to ban sex before marriage if he becomes Zimbabwe’s President in 2023, sources have claimed.

The “ban sex before marriage” topic became a serious issue after Prophet Isaac Makomichi (Mwonzora’s good fortune oil papa) shared in a group that he wants his client (Mwonzora) to ban sex before marriage .

According to social media reports, Mwonzora used to rely on Makomichi’s charms to get attention from ED , then late last year the two (Mwonzora & Makomichi) became oil and water which resulted to Mwonzora’s fall.

It is reported that the MDC-T leader paid makuku (money to say sorry) to Makomichi so that he can be forgiven and accepted as a spiritual son so that he can receive magic powers to win elections.

“[04/01, 14:13] +263 77 746 9342: If Mwonzora win 2023,I want him to ban “sex before marriage” in Zimbabwe. ” Makomichi posted in @Padare Watts App group.

It is believed that Mwonzora will do whatever Makomichi says to receive charms

Makomichi is also known for love juju(kubika vasikana kuti vabate mbinga), which is being used by most of famous slayqueens.