Ian Smith Resurrected In Graphic Umtali Bus Shocker
5 January 2023
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(52yrs later) Zimbabwe in 2022 and Rhodesia in 1969. On the left is a bus dangerously-dangling its passengers on 4th Jan 2022 (2 yrs after govt acquired 700 Zupco buses from Belarus in exchange for Mutare-large ancestral land; on the right is a Rhodesia Railway replacement bus, on its Mutare route, and its passengers safely tucked inside for their journey, on a colour picture that theatrically raises the late Prime Minister Ian Smith back to life, in memory. Rhodesia never sold any ancestral land to foreign govts. HALF A CENTURY LATER, THERE ARE NO MORE PASSENGER SAFETY RULES BEING FOLLOWED. Where will Zimbabwe be 50 years from today? Is the nation improving? Is the nation’s dead last colonial Prime Minister Ian Smith smiling in his grave?