Harare Pastors Beat Each Other Up Inside Church Service
6 January 2023
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Pastors beat each other up as violence broke out inside the Christ ministries’ Belvedere, Harare, branch service, with the following narration being published by one Pastor Colin Zondai Makoni-


To all Christ Ministries church pastors, elders and members. I am writing to express regret to congregants for the religious violence that took place after provocative hate speech by the master of ceremonies during the big Sunday in Belvedere yesterday. We and the perpetrators of violence were summoned at the central police station this morning. Amai Reverend Leddie Makoni, Tanakasei, Jullen Kanyenze, Eustace, Lucinah Makoni and Pastor Tafadzwa Sirewu were present. the officer in charge spoke about the need for conflict resolution at family and church level. The Zrp kopje ordered the rival factions to reconcile and maintain peace and order and resolve issues through the due processes of the law. They said that they have the power to close down the church if violence continues. They told us that no one, even the steering committee has power and mandate to chase away people from the church and can only do so by obtaining a court order since the case has been filed with the supreme court of Zimbabwe. We the dissenting voices have the right to attend church services and participate in the church program s without victimization. Pastor Sirewu was summoned to go and brief his followers about this position. If the church elders have any bone of contention with us let them use the proper legal channels and not use violence. Finally, the perpetrators of violence were fined and they paid an admission of guilt. We have also been given supporting documents to go for medical examinations after the assault. This police will begin their investigations and call witnesses who had attended the church service. The police will be attending church services to maintain law and order starting this Sunday. This is the current state of affairs. Yours Sincerely, Colin Zondai Makoni Senior Pastor Christ Ministries church