King Charles’s Adulterous Fling In Zimbabwe Could Get Him Dethroned – Biographer
6 January 2023
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British King Charles could be dethroned, a royal author and analyst Anthony Holden has claimed.

Holden claims the King’s confession of an affair with his then secret girlfriend, the Queen Consort, Camilla, could invalidate his coronation. He published his opinion analysis in the British Guardian newspaper saying briefly: ‘The Church of England has never crowned a divorced man as King, let alone one who has publicly confessed to adultery – with the relevant woman expecting to be crowned Queen Consort.

Tim Graham/GettyImages
Cheaters…Charles and Camilla in 1979

“The late Robert Runcie [the former Archbishop of Canterbury] told me this would require a revision of the coronation oath, which would require a new statute of Parliament.’

In 1980, King Charles’ then secret girlfriend flew into Zimbabwe with him for the independence handover ceremony.

Further writes Holden:

”Given the convention that Parliament does not debate the monarchy without the monarch’s consent, this would require the Prime Minister to seek King Charles’s permission. This, Runcie told me, would amount to a constitutional crisis.’

The King met Camilla Parker Bowls in 1979 when she was a married woman, and would fly out to Rhodesia in April 1979 for the handover function after elections that put ZANU PF into power.

“Charles was secretly dating Camilla on his Zimbabwe trip,” says the late MDC Alliance MP Miriam Mushayi. – Guardian/Additional Reporting