Mnangagwa Wise By Selling Off Africa’s Busiest Border Post, Beitbridge to ZANU PF Businessman?
6 January 2023
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ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa has technically sold off Africa’s busiest border post, Beitbridge, to controversial ZANU PF propagandist Glynn Cohen.

The details reveal Cohen has been given the struggling nation’s border toll fees for the next 17.5 years.

Cohen’s Zim Borders consortium’s chief executive officer, Mr Francois Diedrechsen, told the state media, civil works on the housing section were one month ahead of schedule. “The planned completion time is between February and March (approximately one month ahead of schedule) and civil works are at varying stages,” he said. Mr Diedrechsen said some houses are getting their final finishes while others were still under construction, pretty much what happens in any housing development. The clubhouse area has also been prepped and work has commenced in that area. Power, sewer and water reticulation services connections have been installed on some properties although not active pending the completion of major civil works.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the accurate spent amounts at hand but what I am certain about is that we have used 80 percent of the budget for the housing development section,” said Mr Diedrechsen. He said they were expecting civil works to up the tempo when the construction industry re-opens next week following an annual shut down effected in December. Mr Diedrechsen said the border transformation had the in-port and out-of-port component and that most of these were on track for completion. In port projects were done in three phases and have all been completed, and include the freight, bus and light vehicles terminals and the Zimborders Maintenance offices, a fire suppression system, upgrading of roads among others. So far, a new state-of-the-art fire station and the sewer oxidation dam have been completed and handed over to the Government for further management. Workers are now putting final touches to the 11,4 mega litres water reservoir and animal and plant quarantine centre.

“We applaud the Government for the housing project which will ensure that we have adequate manpower to man the new-look border post,” said the Regional Immigration Officer In charge of Beitbridge, Mr Joshua Chibundu.

“A decently accommodated official is bound to work efficiently and effectively as opposed to one who doesn’t have decent accommodation. “Our officers are currently sharing accommodation, a situation that deprives them of privacy and adequately desired rest after a day’s work. The construction of the houses will go a long way in alleviating our accommodation crisis.” He said they had since made a request to their employer to deploy more workers to Beitbridge to match the border transformation. Mr Chibundu said the transformed port of entry had brought relief to travellers because traditionally there would be long queues but this festive season, they had no queues. “I applaud the Government for coming up with this infrastructure which has given our travellers the much-needed relief,” he added.

– State Media