Hwindi Overpowers Police
7 January 2023
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By-Traffic police in central Harare have been overpowered by one tout operating at the corner of Robert Mugabe Road and Julius Nyerere Way.

The tout, only identified as Gumbura, is reported to be the one protecting drivers from arrest.
A smartly dressed Gumbura was yesterday busy directing mushikashikas and kombis to pick up passengers without fear.
The cops were standing close to Gumbura going through their mobile phones, while the chaos unfolded in front of their eyes.
From Julius Nyerere Way heading into Robert Mugabe Road, every corner is a pick-up point, especially in the evening.
Police have been launching operations against mushikashikas for some time without winning the battle, and for the pirates to operate right next to the biggest police station in the country shows why.
Some believe that a number of mushikshika drivers are cops off duty as they pass all check points freely.